My 5 Excuses for Not Working Out


Top 5 Excuses for Not Working OutI used to love working out. I loved the sweat and the muscle and the exhilarating endorphins (and being able to eat whatever I wanted). But while I was not the most consistently fit young adult, I never went too long without doing something to keep myself in shape. Fast-forward to today, though, and life has gotten a bit more complicated. With marriage and children and adulting, this former student-athlete/half-marathon runner hasn’t exercised consistently in *cough* 10 years *cough*cough*!!!! I’m almost ashamed to admit it. What’s worse, is that I know plenty of moms who exercise! Many of them with more kids and more obligations than me. 

So what’s my deal? Excuses.

Over the past 10 years I have come up with an impressive laundry list of not-so-great-excuses for why exercise is the first thing to go when life gets crazy (and life is always crazy). So when the opportunity arose to be a part of Gold’s Gym, I knew it was time to test the validity of some of these excuses. And you know what? I was impressed how quickly Gold’s Gym was able to shatter all of my lame, lazy excuses. Well…all but one.

#1. I don’t think my kids will ‘do’ the childcare.

This had been one of my worries excuses for years. My kids never loved going to their church classes, they were wary of any kind of unfamiliar, and the only reason they went to MDO was because I taught there. So imagine my surprise when we walked in to the Gold’s Gym Kid Zone and they immediately fell in love with the play structure, the toys, the sweet childcare director, and begged to go back every single day. So much for my excuse!

#2. I don’t have time.

When I committed to this gym thing, I wondered how in the world I would EVER find the time. In fact, the exact words I said during my introduction was “Gosh, I hope I show up!” Because as a mom, it’s hard to commit to one. more. thing. I was afraid other parts of my life would suffer. I never thought I could carve another few hours out for me. And I was worried that my people wouldn’t understand! I just didn’t have time…or so I thought!

But it turns out that when you commit to something as great as working out, people just naturally step up to support you.

My husband was all-in. My boss(es) were generously flexible. My personal trainer made herself available when I was. Plus, at Gold’s Gym one of their promises is to never leave you alone! So whenever you are able to come in, there is always a trainer available to help you. They are there to answer questions, give guidance with machines or equipment, consult on a wide range of topics, and they offer tons of group classes all throughout the day, the week, and the weekend. Heck, they even have an app so you can take your workouts anywhere. So no more excuses! If I can find a few hours every week, I promise you can, too.Top 5 Excuses NOT to go to the Gym

#3. I don’t know what I would do at a gym.

I grew up running, and while I liked the idea of a gym, I never really felt the need to go to one when I could lace up my shoes and hit the pavement for free! The problem was…I wouldn’t do it. My activity has been super sporadic over the past few years, and in all honesty, it hasn’t been enough to ward off the effects of a late-thirties momma who loves Cherry Coke, cheese, and pasta.

I promise, walking through those doors was one of the most intimidating things I’ve done in a long time. My eyes were immediately drawn to the row of treadmills, but instead I found myself introduced to the Gold’s Gym Member Experience. This included a complimentary 3-D body scan, an evaluation and consultation with a real-live personal trainer, and a 30-day fitness plan tailored to my needs and goals. No longer was I intimidated by the gym, I was excited to get started! But…

#4. I don’t have anyone to go with.

Do you hear the violins whining yet? I promise you…I am the queen of excuses, and this is the biggest of them all. But it’s true…I need support and camaraderie. I need someone to text me at 5am and say they’ll see me soon. I need someone else to suggest, “Let’s take the longer route today.”

To pile excuse upon excuse, for the last several years I convinced myself that most of my friends were “out of my league.” I believed that they hit the gym every day, or they ran one-minute faster per mile, or their workout times didn’t fit into my schedule, or they were members at gyms that were too far away. SO MANY EXCUSES!!!!

But while I initially tackled Gold’s Gym completely alone, I found once I walked in that I would only be alone if I chose to be. The trainers are encouraging as they walk through the building. They seem to know many of the people and have good relationships. Plus, there always seems to be something going on that you can be a part of. But watch out! Because once you start going regularly, you begin to build relationships. And before you know it, you’re hooked up to a community. And Momma…we all know that a supportive community changes everything! Which leads me to my last excuse:

Top 5 Excuses NOT to go to the Gym#5. I hate showering.

Finally, my most ridiculous excuse for not working out is that it’s such a hassle to shower afterwards (please tell me I’m not alone in this)! I’m a mom…I’m lucky if I get a few good showers in each week. So I’m sad to say, Gold’s Gym hasn’t been able to help with this one. They’ve done their best, though! They’ve provided a very nice locker room with lockers, showers, and changing rooms (while my kid is playing, so no peeping or crying or wanting my attention). My gym in Alcoa actually has a sauna, a steam room, and a hot tub if I absolutely must pamper myself!

But until then, you might see me walking around town in my workout clothes that have ACTUALLY done work that day…minus the shower. And that’s ok with me, because my one remaining excuse is not about to keep me from enjoying all that Gold’s Gym has to offer!

What are your excuses for not working out, and how can Gold’s Gym shatter those?


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