Guide to Knoxville Pregnancy and Postpartum

The pregnancy and postpartum phases are some are the most joyful, exhausting and overwhelming in life. There is so much to learn, and that’s why Knoxville Moms is thrilled to share our Pregnancy & Postpartum Guide! We have teamed up with local businesses that specialize in all things related to the journey into motherhood. We hope this will help you connect with the resources you need to take the stress out of adding to your family.

Generations ObGyn

At Generations Ob/Gyn, you can entrust us with your most precious possessions – your health and your family.

Our Mission

At Generations we are dedicated to exceptional, personalized healthcare for women throughout all stages of life.

How we achieve this mission:

  • Small practice environment where each physician routinely sees his/her own patient’s for their office visit, creating a personal relationship and individualized care.
  • Board certified physicians with over 100 years of combined experience uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality of care.
  • Incorporation of modern technology and state of the art medicine.
  • Experienced staff working together to create a welcoming and trusted environment from start to finish.

Seeing an obstetrician during pregnancy is very important for the health and wellness of both the baby and the mother. As one of the top ranked OB practices the Knoxville area, Generations ObGyn, PC provides the care and treatment women need to stay as healthy as possible from conception through delivery. At Generations, we adhere to the standard of care as set forth by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

On your first OB visit, as well as seeing your physician, you will be meeting with one of our most experienced OB clinicians. You will be given a packet of information which includes a book entitled, “Your Pregnancy and Childbirth”. The advice it contains is valuable; it is filled with OB educational information and guidelines for a healthy mom and healthy baby.

Optimally, the initial visit should be 8-10 weeks from the first date of the last menstrual cycle. This will allow for discussion about and informed decision making regarding any elective genetic screening tests that may be desired.

During initial OB visits, we complete necessary lab work, provide OB education, and perform a physical examination.  After this first visit, we maintain an OB visit schedule based on ACOG guidelines:

  • Initial visit to 28 weeks into pregnancy — visit every 4 weeks
  • 28 weeks to 36 weeks into pregnancy — visit every 2 weeks
  • 36 weeks until delivery — visit every week

OB appointment visits are normally scheduled with the patient’s primary physician barring any unforeseen circumstances, such as an unexpected delivery, on-call emergency, etc.

9430 Park West Blvd, Ste 320
Knoxville, Tennessee 37923

Southeastern Fertility Southeastern Fertility

Southeastern Fertility is the oldest and best-established medical practice in East Tennessee dedicated to the treatment of infertility. Our mission is simple: to provide comprehensive care and unwavering compassion to patients struggling with reproductive health issues. In addition to the care of the infertile couple, we also manage patients suffering from endometriosis, pelvic pain, PCOS and other hormonal disorders.

Our co-directors are Dr. John Gordon and Dr. Jeffrey Keenan. Dr. Gordon joined Southeastern Fertility in 2019 after practicing for 20 years outside of Washington D.C. He brings a wealth of experience in treating the infertile couple and those suffering recurrent pregnancy loss. Dr. Gordon has extensive experience in Natural Cycle IVF, which is a simpler and less expensive form of IVF preferred by many couples who are unable or unwilling to pursue traditional IVF.

Here at Southeastern Fertility, we pursue a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. Everything from lifestyle modifications and nutritional supplements to complex surgery or IVF may be incorporated into your treatment regimen.

11126 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, Tennessee 37934

Apple HealthcareApple Healthcare

We love helping new and expectant mothers live an active, healthy and pain-free life with their kids! We offer postpartum physical therapy to help new moms address issues like Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Diastasis Recti. Our practice has been serving Knoxville for over 30 years, and offers a full range of chiropractic, physical therapy, functional medicine, regenerative medicine and podiatry services at two Knoxville locations.

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4307 Ball Camp Pike
KnoxvilleTN 37921

312 Prosperity Dr. Suite 101
KnoxvilleTN 37923

Guide to Pregnancy & Postpartum Resources in Knoxville

Fertility & Hospital Care // Pregnancy & Postpartum Healthcare // Preparing for New Baby (birth preparation, registries, etc.) // Pregnancy Resources (prenatal imaging, chiropractors, massage therapy, etc.) // Birth & Newborn Photography // Pediatric Healthcare // Postpartum Resources (physical therapy, yoga, moms groups, etc.) // Breastfeeding Support & Supplies //

Fertility & Hospital Care

Center for Reproductive Medicine

Fertility Center

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

Southeastern Fertility

Fort Sanders Perinatal Center

Generations ObGyn:

At Generations, our philosophy is that prenatal care is best when provided mainly by the primary doctor for each patient; so, through the course of the pregnancy we each see our own patients for most if not all of their prenatal visits. Our physicians have extensive experience in routine and high-risk pregnancy and delivery. We work closely with the Labor and Delivery nurses and staff to ensure a meaningful and memorable experience for patients and their families. If necessary, we also consult with perinatal specialists at either Fort Sanders Regional or the University of Tennessee medical centers. Our main objective is a healthy mother and a healthy baby. We have a full range of obstetrical services to offer.

Parkwest Medical Center


UT Medical Center

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Pregnancy & Postpartum Healthcare

Fort Sanders Perinatal Center

Apple Healthcare

Generations ObGyn, PC 

Gennisi Doula

Knoxville Baby Lady

Knoxville Doula

Open Heart Doula

Roots & Wings Midwifery

The Goodnight Doula

Preparing for New Baby (birth preparation, registries, etc.)

Connection Yoga

Fort Sanders Perinatal Center

Glowing Belly: Prenatal Yoga

Neighborhood Barre

Tennova Healthcare

UT Medical Center, Prenatal Classes and Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy Resources (prenatal imaging, chiropractors, massage therapy, etc.)

Fort Sanders Perinatal Center

Generations ObGyn, PC

Knoxville Baby Lady

Roots & Wings Midwifery

Tennessee Midwives Association

Birth & Newborn Photography

Alisha Bacon Photography

East Tennessee Birth Photographer

Growing Wings Films

Taryn Yager Photography

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Pediatric Healthcare

Blackmon Pediatrics

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

Knoxville Pediatric Associates

Pediatric Clinic

Pediatric Consultants

Shults Pediatrics

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Postpartum Resources (physical therapy, yoga, moms groups, etc.)

Fort Sanders Perinatal Center

Knoxville Mom Groups

Postpartum Mood Disorder Support Group, Knoxville 

Knoxville BirthNetwork 

Knoxville Mommies Help Line 

Breastfeeding Support & Supplies

East Tennessee Breastfeeding Coalition

Fort Sanders Perinatal Center

Helping Mamas Knoxville 

Knox County Breastfeeding Support

Knoxville Baby Lady

Lactation Consultant Services at Covenant Health, Parkwest Medical Center

Pampering Mom-to-Be

Generations ObGyn, PC

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