2020 Guide to Obstetricians and Gynecologists

You can also reference this poll from other Knoxville moms on who they recommend.

Guide to Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Fort Sanders Regional Hospital

Fort Sanders OB/GYN 

Dr. Broady, Dr. Kincaid, Dr. Moffat, Dr. Saunders, Dr. Shine, Dr. Haney-Weaver

Fort Sanders Women’s Group

Dr. Elam, Dr. McKeown, III, Dr. Owen, Dr. Robertson, Dr. Smith, Dr. Turner

Fort Sanders Perinatal Group

Dr. Roussis, Dr. Stephens

Parkwest Hospital

Parkwest Gynecology 

Dr. Davis, Dr. Schwarz

Generations OB/GYN 

Dr. Cottam, Dr. Cummings, Dr. O’Kelley, Dr. Leisy, Dr. Greene, Dr. Myers

Contemporary Women’s Health 

Dr. Roberts, Dr. Yang, Dr. Brantley

OB/GYN Professionals of East Tennessee

Dr. Schroeder, Dr. Cadigan


Website: http://www.tennovaeast.com/

Tennova Women’s Care – Turkey Creek

Dr. Sudha Nair, Dr. Robert Tatum; Dr. Thomas Traylor

Website: http://clinics.tennovaphysicians.com/womensparkside

Fields Center for Women’s Health and Robotic Surgery

Dr. Michael Fields

Website: http://clinics.tennovaphysicians.com/womenshealth

Fields Center for Women’s Health – Powell

Dr. Michael Fields

Website: http://clinics.tennovaphysicians.com/womenshealth

Tennova Women’s Care – North

Rebecca Brown, FNP-BC, Randal Hartline, M.D, Jeannine Grebe, NP

Website: http://clinics.tennovaphysicians.com/womenscare/

Women’s Health Specialists and St. Mary’s Birth & Midwifery Center

Website: http://clinics.tennovaphysicians.com/brabsonmd

Dr. Leonard Brabson

Manola McCain, CNM, Blair Hicks, CNM, Dr. Stofko, Manola McCain, CNM, Blair Hicks Terrell, CNM, Sarah Key Wiklund, CNM, Hannah Proctor, CNM, Leslie Stone, WHNP, Laura Pohl, CNM, Adriana Stiles, CNM

Tennova Women’s Care – Jefferson

Dr. Penny Knight

Website:  http://clinics.tennovaphysicians.com/womenscare/

Tennova Women’s Care – Clinton

Rebecca Brown, FNP-BC

Website: http://www.tennovamedicalgroup.com/tennova-womens-care-clinton


UT Medical Center

UT Women’s Specialty Care Group

Dr. Elder, Dr. Zite, Dr. van Nes, Dr. Blache, Dr. Morgan

High Risk Obstetrical Consultants 

Dr Hennessy, Dr. Howard, Dr. Towers, Dr. Wolfe

Women’s Care Group 

*Office located at 9220 Dutchtown Road, OB services are at UT Medical Center

Dr. Copas, Dr. Cross, Dr. Shirk, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Shaw, Dr. Jones, Dr. Eaton

Center for Women & Children’s Health

Women’s Health Specialists 

Dr. Hartline Dr. Vick , Dr. Martin, Dr. Edmonds, Dr. McCauley