Holding It In Until I Explode

I lost it. I sat sobbing in my closet not even able to catch my breath. Looking at my face you would have thought somebody died, but no, I just made the same mistake I always make. I kept them in — the frustrations I had, the stress of isolation, the parenting differences with my […]

75+ Fun Family Activities in Knoxville

Looking at ways to entertain the kids? Look no further than our 75+ Fun Family Activities in Knoxville! From museums to cooking classes, we’ve got something for everyone in the family!   75+ Fun Family Activities in Knoxville Museums McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture:Open Monday-Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm, Sunday 1:00pm–5:00pm. The museum is closed on […]

For Our Family, Memorial Day Weekend is More Than a Holiday

This weekend, I had planned to write about the tips and tricks I learned to help my kiddos deal with the big emotions that can be so hard for them, but every time I would open the computer, I’d stare at the blank screen — I just wasn’t feeling it. As the deadline for my […]

Family Hikes Around Knoxville and East Tennessee

Warmer weather has me itching to get outdoors! Is there any better way to do that than by exploring the mountains we call home? I don’t think so! Check out these kid-friendly hiking options below: [Disclaimer: I use the term ‘kid-friendly’ loosely. Please see trail ratings, difficulty levels, and reviews to determine if it’s something your […]

What I Wish I Knew About Having Twins: A Letter to My Former Self


Dear Me (of about three years and nine-ish months ago), I know you are in shock right now. You just found out that instead of one baby, you’re going to have TWINS. Congratulations! Your world has been totally rocked and while you’re super excited, you’re also freaking out a little. Well, don’t worry. I am […]

Meal Planning Saves My Sanity

Life is hectic and full of decisions, and dinnertime only compounds that chaos. How can we simplify dinner and grocery shopping, all in one fell swoop? Meal planning solves both of these problems; it’s a five minute chore that saves my sanity week after week. Plus, my kids don’t ask me what’s for dinner anymore; they […]

Moms Making Memories from Far Away


When this quarantine is over, the first thing I’m doing is inviting all of our friends over for a huge house party…You? I’m learning, during this social distancing, that few things connect people like gathering together with food and games and fun — think Christmas dinner or a New Year’s Eve party or a giant […]

A Thank You to My Toxic Mother


I have been putting this post off for weeks. As a Knoxville Moms contributor, we always know well in advance when our next post is due. Around Mother’s Day, I looked at my calendar and realized my upcoming post was a bit too far out to write about my mom, or lack thereof. It was […]

My Favorite Season Is This One

My favorite season has got to be this one. The first glimpse of a sticky Southern summer is on the horizon, days filled with sun and sweat and laying around doing absolutely nothing. We will spend our days splashing with a water hose or in the pool or maybe a questionable pond in one of […]

Knoxville Ice Cream Shops

You scream, I scream, we ALL scream for ice cream!  There’s nothing sweeter in summertime than a cold and creamy ice cream cone.  As East Tennessee has continued to grow, more and more ice cream, frozen yogurt and gelato places are popping up around the city.  Knoxville Moms has compiled a list of our favorite […]

Finding My Beach Body Challenge {Part Two}

I’ve been struggling to find what I want to say for this post because, in all honesty, I’ve been a bit discouraged this week. I think what I need to share on this second post about finding my beach body is the truth: sometimes going on a fitness or health or any type of journey […]

6 Decorating Tips for Your Home

It’s springtime, which brings new opportunities to design and decorate your living space the way you want. Many people relish the idea of decorating, while others dread the very thought. Whether you’re the proud owner of a new home or looking to spruce up your forever home, you’ll want to avoid these common design mistakes. […]

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75+ Fun Family Activities in Knoxville

Looking at ways to entertain the kids? Look no further than our 75+ Fun Family Activities in Knoxville! From museums to cooking classes, we've...
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