My Favorite 4-Letter Word

My Favorite 4-Letter Word

I won’t make you scroll like some Buzzfeed ClickBait. My favorite 4-letter word is “same.”  Sure, it’s a simple word. But this word has the...
Knoxville Best Brunch Spots

Best Brunch Spots in Knoxville

Nothing kicks off the day better than a great brunch, especially when you don't have to do the cooking! Knoxville Moms set out to...

Bookish On A Budget

Have you ever found yourself watching a TikTok or seeing an Instagram post about a new book that is coming out that you really...

How Did We Get Here?

She doesn’t love Elsa anymore. She used to live and breathe Elsa. We have shed the Elsa sheets, the nightlight, the toys. She refuses to...
Clingman's Dome

10 Natural Wonders In East Tennessee

East Tennessee is a region of the United States known for its stunning natural beauty. From majestic mountains to sparkling lakes and winding rivers,...
Knoxville Festival Fun

Knoxville Festival Fun

Warm sunny weather has arrived in East Tennessee AND there are plenty of fun family festivals to look forward to this spring, summer and...
Why Are Kids Obsessed With Family Vlogs?

Why Are Kids Obsessed With Family Vlogs?

If you’re a parent to a child ages four – seven years of age, you probably have watched a family vlog or two. And,...

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Knoxville’s Pick-Your-Own Farms

Knoxville’s Pick-Your-Own Farms

Time for sunshine and berries! There is nothing like the smell and taste of freshly picked produce. The process is fun, easy, a little dirty,...