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Christie, Senior Contributor

Hey friends! I’m Christie and the proud mama of three amazing children, Eden (14), August (11), and Titus (10). We love to watch 80s commercials on YouTube before bed, grilling on the back deck, a good round of Clue, and loudly playing basketball and jumping on the trampoline, keeping our neighbors on their toes. We currently have zero pets because they all seem to run away, I cannot keep real plants alive, and the kids will be in high school, middle school, and elementary school in the fall, so all thoughts and prayers are welcomed and appreciated.

I am a senior social media and digital strategist by day and Knoxville Moms social media assistant by night. Being a part of Knoxville Moms has been such a blast and I have met some incredible women that have since become some of my dearest friends. Take a look at their stories, you’ll love them just as much as I do!


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Jenny, Senior Contributor

Hi, I’m Jenny and I am not from East Tennessee.  But I do love calling it home!

I actually grew up in a small town in Kansas where I had quite a view from the center of the country. I spent much of my childhood traveling (or dreaming of traveling) so it was no surprise that I ended up in Southeast Asia after college. For the better part of six years overseas, I lived an incredible life: I met my husband, learned two languages, ran three half marathons, and became the person I was created to be. But I never dreamed that my greatest adventure would come in 2011 when I gave birth to our first child, Penelope.

Now, in our new life back in Tennesse, my husband is a corporate accountant while I am work-at-home Mommy to Penelope and Eldon. We live on the edge of Blount County where we love serving and being a part of our church and little community. In my free time I love drinking coffee (alone or with friends), serving on the PTO, and sneaking away to the mountains with my kids- partly to relive my memories of former adventures, but mostly to create beautiful new ones!

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:: Project Coordinator/Assistant Event Coordinator ::

Beth, Senior Contributor

Who needs to climb mountains, jump out of airplanes or go deep sea diving when you’re living with a preschooler and a baby?  Not me! All the adrenaline pumping adventure I need is at home sweet home.

Hello, I’m Beth.  I’m a former TV news producer turned stay-at-home mom to my loving daughter Madeline and sweet son Bennett. I’m wife to my funny (and patient) husband Andy.  And I can’t leave out our fur kid Reagan.  She’s a very friendly—and did I mention very tolerant?—black lab.  We call the LC (aka Lenoir City) home.  As a family, we enjoy grilling, gardening and exploring East Tennessee and beyond.  While I may stay at home, Madeline, Bennett and I strike out in our minivan nearly every day to one of our fun activities with new and old friends.

I’m a coffee addict, book lover, fashion-phile, occasional cook and bargain hunter. My guilty pleasures include Pinterest and bad reality TV.  I believe a sense of humor is an essential survival skill!  I hope my musings on being a mama—whether it’s practical information or matters of the heart and spirit—resonate with you.  Please join me on this exciting journey and follow my posts here on the Knoxville Moms Blog. I also serve as the “Momambassador” for the Lenoir City/Loudon KMB Neighborhood Group.  I look forward to getting to know you!


Lauren, Senior Contributor

Hey y’all!  I’m Lauren and it’s so nice to meet you!  I’m married to my college sweetheart and am a mama to four precious children.  Three of my children are here with me and one is in Heaven.  Our second child passed away shortly after birth.  My husband, Tommy, and I have adopted two girls out of foster care, and we are constantly learning how to be the best parents to all of our kids with their special needs.  About a year after our son passed away, I launched Project Gabriel in honor of our son to reach women who had also lost a baby.  In my free time, I love cheering on the Tennessee Vols, expressing my love of Tennessee falls, being outside, blogging, and wearing boots. I blog at Adventures of Jack and Me.  Also check out my organization Project Gabriel.


Caitland, Senior Contributor

My name is Caitland, but feel free to call me Caity. I’m wife and best friend to an amazing guy named Nick, who just so happened to turn my world upside down when we met in college. After 12 years together and a short-term relocation to Charleston, SC, we traveled back to my native town of Knoxville. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Writing/Communications from Maryville College, but my greatest accomplishment is being a mother to two kids, Evaleigh and Kellan. During the week, I work full-time at the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors as Communications Director and love what I do! When I’m not working, I try to make the most of every weekend with my family, hanging poolside, taking trips to the zoo, or just making it up as we go along.


Kara, Senior Contributor

I’m Kara, wife and mom of 3. A Florida native, I relocated to Knoxville over a decade ago to pursue a master’s degree where I promptly fell in love with the endless supply of sweet tea, southern hospitality, and peach cobbler. Oh, and my husband! 

I’m a physician assistant by day, wife and mom by day and night. When I’m not caring for sick patients, I enjoy traveling as a family and spending time with friends at local events downtown.

We had always called Knoxville home, but after returning from spending two years living abroad, our lives are forever changed. We left a piece of our hearts on an island out in the Pacific Ocean and took with us the desire to see more. If words could explain, I’d write a book, but until then, occasional blurbs and social media posts will do! 

You can find more about my family, our travels, the things we fancy, and our adventures around Knoxville and the world on my IG account here or Living Happily After. I look forward to hearing from you all on the blog and meeting you at an event one day soon!

Mary Beth-KMB

Mary Beth, Senior Contributor

Hey, I’m Mary Beth! My family moved to Knoxville when I was 6 weeks old, and I just never had the heart to leave. My parents raised me to love God, honor family, and cheer on the Vols! I met my husband, a PK (pastor’s kid) from Illinois, during my senior year of high school and never looked back. My plans for my life did not include getting married at 20 nor starting a family at 22, but if there is anything I have discovered in the last few decades, it’s that my plans pretty much never work out. I am learning to trust God as I go.

After graduating from Maryville College, I went through a semester of grad school at UT and several different jobs trying to find myself in the professional world. Shortly before having my 3rd child, I finally took the plunge to become a full-time stay-at-home mom. Ten years later, being a SAHM is officially the longest job I’ve ever held down, and I think I deserve a raise! We welcomed our 4th child in 2015, and let me tell you, it has been a whole new experience.

I am a boring cook, a wildly mediocre crafter, and a sometimes-when-I-feel-like-it gym rat; mostly I consider it a win to keep everyone alive and fed every day. I love to tell stories, I try to be funny, and I always keep it real. You can read more from me at Unthank You Very Much. I hope to help you get a little laugh and maybe not feel so alone in this mothering ordeal. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

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Stephanie, Senior Contributor

I am a Knoxville transplant from northern grounds, but I can’t imagine being anywhere else. My blue blood has strangely become orange and I get chills when I hear Rocky Top. I became all things mom in 2013 and it’s crazy to think how much life has changed. I love temper tantrums, watching Toy Story over and over, and making food that doesn’t get eaten. Welcome to the Toddler Years. When I’m not doing that, you can find me running, reading, shopping, or taking pictures {check out Adara Photography!}

Crystal, Senior Contributor

Hi there! I am Crystal and I am an East Tennessean/Knoxville native…sort of. I actually was born in Detroit, Michigan but moved to Knoxville at age 14 and have been here ever since. I am a graduate of the University of Tennessee and love everything about our great region, especially the southern hospitality. I recently transitioned from a SAHM of 6 years to a full time WIC nutritionist. I love helping women make healthy choices for their families and supporting breast feeding moms.

I am wife to Matt, mom to Billie in college, conjoined twins Joshua and Caleb (12 years in heaven), and Harper Grace (age 8).

As a family we love to snow ski, tent camp, hike, and play on the lake. Some of my favorite things are ice cream, reality TV, cool fall days, boots, and scarves! I spend my free time cooking, reading, writing, sewing, and supporting others through difficult pregnancies, infant loss, and premature births. I love to share my nutrition knowledge with others, as well as spread awareness about colon cancer and conjoined twins. You can find me sharing my heart on my blog at Miracle Twin Boys. I am so honored to be a part of this Knoxville Moms team, and can’t wait to get to know all of you!


Andrea, Senior Contributor

Hey Ya’ll,

Okay, that is still going to take a little while to get used to…

I’m Andrea, a very new-to-Knoxville transplant. Born and raised outside of Chicago, IL with a stint in Boston for college and study abroad experience in Spain, you can definitely say moving to the South is a great new adventure for us!

My husband and I share a passion for travel and the great outdoors. We discovered the Smoky Mountains about 5 years ago and completely fell in love. When a job opportunity arose in the Eastern Tennessee region, we jumped at the chance. This area feels like a “vacation” to us, with all of the incredible outdoor opportunities it has to offer. We are so excited to get out and explore it with our 4-year-old son and 15-month old boy/girl twins. We truly love it so far and continually marvel at how niceeveryone is down here!

With our fresh start here in TN, I decided to pursue my passion for writing by starting my blog, Stroller Savvy where I talk about all things motherhood. Being a mother is more incredible than I ever dreamed, and even though our days are utter chaos riddled with exhaustion, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am truly honored to join the ranks of the KMB team- an incredible resource that has made the transition to Knoxville far easier.

Can’t wait to meet ya’ll! (How many times do I have to say it until a habit forms? And please don’t “bless my heart”- I’ve learned what that means!)

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Katherine, Senior Contributor

Hi friends!  I’m Katherine, a mom of 3 year old twins and a fur baby named Peter (the sweetest beagle in the world).  My husband Jay and I have been married for almost 12 years and we had no idea what we were in for when we became parents.  Any time I tell people that we have twins I hear a few things right off the bat: 1. You must have your hands full! 2. Do twins run in your family?   It’s true that we always have our hands full but, more importantly, we always have our hearts full too.  No amount of books or advice could’ve prepared me for what life is like with twins but it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.  The moments these two share and the bond they are forever creating is why I get up every morning and hug them so tightly.  And no, twins did not run in either of our families – we used fertility drugs.  And it was a painful long road to meeting the kids we had always dreamed about but boy was it worth it!

My husband and I met in college and were married months after graduating.  We went to Berry College – a small liberal arts school in GA.  After graduation we lived in Atlanta for a few years, I got my Master of Arts in Professional Writing, and then I was ready to return home.  I grew up in Clinton, TN and while the small town charm made me ache to leave as a high schooler, it also beckoned me home as someone who had learned that being close to my family was way more important then almost anything else in this world.  I just missed them too much! But Clinton seemed a little too small for my Atlanta raised husband so Knoxville was the perfect compromise.  We are so happy to call this place home.  And don’t worry, he’s a Vol fan too!

When I’m not chasing my 3 year olds who are undoubtedly chasing my dog, I am working as a photographer.  To say it is my dream job is an understatement.  I love to capture the emotion of weddings and families and create images that burst with love.  And I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years now, which almost feels impossible.  But yes, juggling some little ones and a small business has a lot of challenges too.

I love me some real hot yoga, broadway musicals, road trips with my girlfriends, anything chocolate, snuggles by a campfire, and days warm enough for bare feet.  I’m really looking forward to sharing some of my journeys with you!


Ashley G., Senior Contributor

Single mama to Maddox, Walker, and Finn; working from home running a small furniture restoration business and teaching voice lessons at a local non- profit. Downton Abbey was my gateway drug, fueling a British period drama addiction I’ve not yet recovered from. Will frequently stop in the middle of the road to rescue furniture and turtles. I love Biltmore Estate, fuzzy socks, summer, and I sleep with too many pillows. At any given time I have had the same load of laundry in the washer for 3 days. Caffeine is my love language, Charleston SC is my happy place, and it’s never too early for wine. If I tag you in memes, my love for you is deep and real. Livin’ large in a tiny stucco bungalow in North Knoxville with all these boys, Charlotte the Yorkie, Ladybird the Beagle mix, and Spongebob the immortal 4 year old goldfish.

Jenny P-KMB

Jenny P., Senior Contributor

Hello! My name is Jenny and it’s wonderful to meet you. I grew up in East Tennessee and graduated with a BFA from the University of Tennessee. Go Vols! I met my husband, Nathan, during our time as collegiate runners. We love calling Knoxville our home and raising our two boys, Caleb and Noah here. In addition, we both own local businesses in our community. You can follow my adventures in life and shopkeeping at @shopbpm and @xoxo_jennyleigh on Instagram.

My passion for art and creativity runs deep. I made my love for good design into a full time business in 2013 when I opened my lifestyle shop, The Back Porch Mercantile, located in Bearden. I am blessed to have assisted many people in our community with creating beautiful spaces that they love. My other favorite job is being Mama to my sweet and active boys. They keep me busy with their love for the outdoors and crafts!

Some of my favorite things are traveling, gardening, running, design, art, local places of interest, pets and the lake.   I can’t wait to start blogging again with The Knoxville Mom’s Blog and picking back up with my past blog on


Autumn , Senior Contributor

Hey everyone!  I’m Autumn Longmire.  My family and I live in a small town about an hour North of Knoxville.  We live on a big farm in a cozy home with our dog, Polly.  We raise chickens, cows, and a pony named Lil’ Sebastian (any Parks and Rec fans out there?). My husband Luke and I met in high school at the J. Frank White Academy (Go Knights!) I am a teacher with a degree in K-6 education and am also obtaining my master’s degree at Lincoln Memorial University.  I deeply love children and watching them explore and learn.  Our own child, Amelia, just turned 4 years old.  She’s the definition of spunky and sweet.  Our second child, Lincoln, will be joining us in October.  We are so excited to meet him!  My husband currently serves in Army National Guard while also doing real estate and auctioneering full time at our family business, Longmire Realty.

We attend the La Follette Church of Christ, and one of my favorite things to do is work in the church helping my husband to plan events and VBS activities.  I love seeing our congregation grow and thrive.  I also enjoy writing, seeing movies, traveling, US history, camping, and all things comic book and star wars related.

People would describe me as really positive and happy person.  I would have to say Joy from ‘Inside Out’ is my spirit animal.  I get my happiness and joy from the Lord, who keeps and sustains me [Psalm 54:4].


Christine, Senior Contributor

Hey, y’all! I’m an adventurous wanderer who put down roots here in East Tennessee back in 2014. My little family moved here from the wilds of suburban Alaska in 2014. We love exploring Knoxville and the surrounding areas, especially the Smoky Mountains.

I’m a freelance writer and teacher who loves looking at the mountains when my nose isn’t in a book. I’m a mom to two bookish kids, a wildly clingy dog, two cats, and a fish I’d be in trouble for not mentioning. Since becoming a mom, I’ve been able to add Lincoln Log architect, LEGO contractor, and mediator to my resume. I’ve always been a bit of a jack of all trades, as I’ve been a tutor, teacher, circus instructor, bookseller, amateur baker and, of course, writer. I remind myself of this as I tell my kid not to sit on my other kid’s head while stopping the dog from chasing the cat and the other cat from jumping on top of the fish tank.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and am currently pursing my Master of Fine Arts while keeping all these creatures who live in my house alive. I survive on coffee, writing fiction, reading, Disney, and snuggles. You can read more of my work at

KMB-Laura 2


Hi! I’m Laura, and I claim Knoxville as my hometown even though it’s not. I lived in Knoxville for a brief time as a child. That brief time happened to include the Peyton years and a football national championship. You just don’t forget that kind of magic. Though my family relocated to Middle Tennessee 20 years ago, I returned to Knoxville to attend UT, where I met and married my handsome husband Chris. Our wedding vows required me to move back to Nashville with him while he pursued his doctorate in physical therapy. Very recently (as in we still have unpacked boxes), we took a leap of faith and returned to Knoxville. Lord willing, we fully intend to call this our forever home!

During our time in Nashville, we were blessed with two sweet children. Our daughter Caroline is 3 years old. She’s a social butterfly with a thirst to know everything about everything. Our son Colin is 1 and is quite the determined adventurer. He loves his mama fiercely and is passionate about food. They are my very own tiny versions of Hermione and Peter Pan.

When I’m not making my children their sixth meal of the day or begging them to sleep, I run an Etsy shop for monogramming and appliques. It’s the perfect excuse to play with little baby clothes without having to birth said baby. My husband and I are also “mom and dad” for a group of college students at Calvary Baptist Church.

I am a former second grade teacher and have a master’s degree in early childhood education with a background in child development. I love filtering my motherhood experience through these lenses. I certainly don’t have all the answers. In fact, I’ve learned there is truly no amount of education that can prepare you for your specific child. We’re all making it up as we go. I’m excited to be on this journey with you!


Haley L.

My name is Haley and I really only have one hobby: words.  I can most often be found with my nose in a book, or at the very least, my hand.  Any spare time that I have from my day-to-day, you can either find me reading or writing.  If I could be anything that I want to be when I grow up, I would be a book editor or maybe an English teacher.

On the flipside though, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and I work as a consultant at a company in Knoxville that I have been with for 4 years.  I love what I do even if it isn’t the ‘dream’.  Having a career makes me feel like I still have a piece of me where mommy and wife has consumed the rest of me and it’s about keeping the perfect balance.  While I cannot be a SAHM, I spend most of my days working from home now, as opposed to commuting ~10 hours a week like I used to.  I was born and raised in Jacksboro, Tennessee where my amazing husband Brandon & I are raising our one and only baby girl, Harper Capri, and our fur baby, Esme.

We attend Faith Promise Church at the Campbell Campus where we serve as a family in the worship ministry and love every moment.  My joys include all things Jesus, Christmas, fall, Harry Potter, fountain Coke, literature, hosting people in our home, Disney movie cuddles with my girls, and family.  I try really hard to have it all together but the reality is that I’m taking it day by day.  My life is a series of unexpected events drenched in grace and I wouldn’t trade it for anything

Being a wife and mother is my greatest adventure through all the highs and lows.  Nothing has ever inspired me like wifehood and motherhood, and that’s what started my small outlet blog You, Me, & Harper Capri where I primarily write about family, the struggles, and conquering the hard stuff.  I firmly believe that this is the moment I have been created for and that I should be a shining light of hope in an otherwise dark world.  I’m so excited to continue this journey alongside everyone at KMB and do my best to shine my light.

KMB-Rachel D

Rachel D. 

Hi, I’m Rachel, and I’m a Florida girl who has been calling Knoxville home for the last three years. I was born and raised right outside of Orlando, and I lived in the same house (and the same bedroom!) for my entire life until I graduated high school. I was really sentimental about my home growing up and heartbroken to leave, but once I started college, my life took a turn towards adventure!

I attended Florida State University (Go Noles!) and that is where I met my husband, Justin. We got married when we were still babies, right after graduation, at 21 years old. We recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary! For the first several years of our marriage, we moved around from place to place, pursuing better jobs and a better life. I’ve lived in Boone, North Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and even Zhejiang, China. We have really enjoyed each of those places, but we never really found a place that felt like home until we moved to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Knoxville has been on our hearts for a long time. In fact, we talked it up so much to my parents that they moved here a couple of years before we were able to! When my husband’s company in Pittsburgh offered to transfer him to their office in Knoxville, we snapped up the chance and it felt like we were finally going home. We bought our first house, and we have settled in here nicely with our boys Jake (three years old) and Teddy (one year old), and our cat The Fonz. When I’m not at home taking care of my two little loves, I’m pursuing my other love–teaching. I’m a high school English teacher, currently teaching 10th grade at Concord Christian School. You can read about my latest shenanigans here:



Hi! I’m Sara, native to Knoxville in birthplace only. After living here for the first two years of my life, my dad joined the Air Force and moved us around the country every three years for the next 20 years. I hightailed it back for college at East Tennessee State University, where I met my husband, Jimmy. We lived in Middle Tennessee for a bit but the mountains of East Tennessee kept calling us home. We were thrilled when a job opportunity for Jimmy, a licensed professional counselor, opened in Knoxville and we moved to the area in 2014.

Previously an elementary school teacher, I gladly welcomed the chance to enter my dream profession of stay at home mom in 2013 when I had my daughter. In 2016, we added our son to the family and in 2018 our second daughter. We enjoy time at the park, trips to Trader Joe’s, library outings, play dates with friends and local events. I love keeping up with all the festivals, new restaurant openings, and kid-friendly activities happening in Knoxville.  I’ve been waiting to “belong” to a hometown for my whole life and I’m throwing myself into a Knoxville love affair with wanton abandon!

When I’m not out romancing the city, I love to be in my kitchen.  I cook out of necessity and boredom with the same meals every night but I bake as a catharsis.  I dream of owning a bakery someday as my third career and am working on a short list of names (submissions accepted).  I’ve always loved the written word and am excited for a creative outlet here at Knoxville Moms.  At the end of the day, human connection around shared experiences and emotions is what makes life beautiful. That and fresh baked goods.



Hey, y’all! I’m Leah. I am a proud wife and mama of three. Knoxville has been home my whole life, even when I didn’t live here. My dad’s military career moved us around, but East Tennessee roots run deep. After graduating from the University of Tennessee, I married a Knoxville-native Marine. We left for a few years following USMC orders, but we were happy to return to Knoxville in 2008. It is the perfect place to raise our family.

I recently returned to work in marketing after six years as a stay-at-home-mom. My family and job keep me busy, and I am constantly looking for balance. Parenting has taught me to let go of perfectionism and to laugh at myself and at life’s unpredictable twists. I love to encourage other women and moms and strive to lead by example, but I need grace daily.

In our free time, my family loves visiting with friends and relatives, spending time outdoors, attending the kids’ activities and sporting events, and exploring Knoxville’s local venues.  When I’m not chasing or chauffeuring, I enjoy Bible study, volunteering, reading, and squeezing in fitness classes whenever I can.


KMB-Haley M 2

Haley M.

Hi there, I’m Haley, a middle-aged-momma to Lukas, my precious 5 month old bundle of joy whom God finally blessed me with at the ripe old age of 36.  I met my husband Dan on and we’ve been best friends ever since I tripped over a speed bump at our first real in-person date.  We live in Northeast Knoxville with our baby boy and two fur baby girls in our dream home with a huge yard and great views of hay fields, creeks and cows.  We both have roots in the country, so it feels like home to us.  I grew up in east Tennessee and have lived here for most of my life, and I have the most amazing southern drawl to prove it.  I work full-time as an architect and marketing coordinator at an architecture firm in Knoxville, and (mostly) love what I do.  In my free time you’ll find me reading, spending time outdoors, exploring our great little city, letting my creativity run wild, decorating cakes (and eating all the frosting), and writing about creativity and facing fear on my blog at  I’ve only been a mom for like a minute, so I am certainly no parenting expert, but I do look forward to sharing this strange and important journey here with all you great mommas and learning a few things along the way.


Rachel L.

Hi, I’m Rachel L., and I’ve lived in Knoxville almost my entire life! I live with my family in West Knoxville and love being in such a great area to raise my son! I am a wife to an amazing man named Daniel and mom to an almost-toddler boy with enough energy to power a house!

If I’m not reading another urban fantasy novel, you’ll find me planning meals, window shopping with my husband, and writing about self-care and learning to be a parent over on my blog, A Life With A Little ( I love writing and have several almost-completed novels in my “someday” list of goals to complete. My favorite hobbies are crafting, cooking, reading, and window shopping.

I’m a Halloween baby who loves traditions. Birthdays, holidays, and family traditions make me happy. You can always follow me for updates on when and where to get free donuts because I’m a bit obsessed with finding free donuts. (My favorite donuts right now are at Status Dough, and I’m a sucker for an opportunity to dress up for free donuts, like on Talk Like A Pirate Day!)

I’m happiest with a cup of coffee in my hand and something sweet to eat. I love making new friends and look forward to sharing some of my favorite things with all of you!


Ashley B.

Hey ya’ll, I’m Ashley. I’m a Tennessee native, born and raised in Byrdstown and Cookeville. I adore all things Southern like: sweet tea, biscuits and gravy, and the liberal use of ya’ll in conversation.

I met my husband, Matt, back when we were young whippersnappers in college. He had long hair, wore birkenstocks, and had the whole ‘nerd’ vibe working for him. We worked at the same restaurant, Bellacinos, and I’m pretty sure that my oogling of him resulted in many a grinder being made wrong. We went to the same party, played truth-or-dare and BAM, five years later we were married. Wait, what? Yes, we took a long way around. We moved to South Carolina, I graduated with an education degree (second time is the charm, right?), he beat Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and THEN happily ever after.

We have two children, Evelyn (born 2013) and Theodore (born 2017). Growing up, I never dreamed of being a Mom and especially not a stay-at-home mom, yet here I am, killing it. Kidding. Just when I start to think I’m rocking this Mom gig, we go to Target and one of my children will remind me that I still need training wheels.

I love bookstores, crafts, walking around Target, Dr. Pepper chapstick, and collecting recipes. I’m a hobby collector but not necessarily a hobby follow-through-er; my office is currently the space where projects go to die. You can find me over at ( writing with my two cousins about all things motherhood.

My family loves to visit the zoo, hold living room dance parties, watch St. Louis Cardinals baseball, and play trivia. We love getting out and exploring Knoxville—we fall more in love with this city every day!



Hi, my name is Kailey. I am a Registered Nurse turned high school Health Science Teacher. I am a proud wife and mom of 1. My sweet Brady (any football fans?) was born in August 2018. I am a Knoxville native and absolutely love the area. Where else can you drive to a beach, major city, or mountains in less than 6 hours? I married my husband in May 2017, we have known each other since he was 16. I love all things true crime, Disney, crafts, and Mexican food . If we aren’t at work you will find us traveling or planning our next trip. We have a passion for traveling and our goal is to visit all 50 states. I do also work as a travel agent. I absolutely love planning vacations for families. I have been a travel agent since 2016. At the end of the day all we have left are memories, I make sure each and every family creates lasting memories. I’m most certainly not an expert on being a mom, but I hope to add some experiences and outlooks being a “millennial mom”.



I’m Jordan, and I have small town, southern Florida Panhandle roots that have been transplanted to Maryville, just south of Knoxville. The Smoky Mountain view I get from my front porch each day has made me feel more at home than anywhere else I’ve been and we plan to keep our growing family here for quite some time! I am a very proud wife to Justin, mama to Henry, and dog mom to two, Heidi and Ella. We love to be outdoors, travel, spend time with our families back home in Florida, sit on the front porch, and you’ll always find us at our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, on Sunday.

My husband and I met in high school and the rest is history! Married at 19 and made parents at 22, we haven’t necessarily taken the traditional route but we have loved every minute of it. I’ve dabbled in writing for years, even as a child, but really held on to it in college. I’ve written for a handful of blogs and even published an organic chemistry paper in a science journal. My degree from the University of West Florida in Biology has served me well, and will continue to do so I’m sure, but I am currently a stay at home mama. While that job title took a long time for me to get used to for many reasons, I really couldn’t see myself happier doing anything else! My husband is a tried and true Vol fan (pronounced Vahl for any transplants like me that say Vol like bowl), and a new MBA student at the University of Tennessee, so I am learning to love the Big Orange. My toddler son keeps me on my toes daily and if I’m not running around after him then I am inevitably dealing with our human-like hounds.



Hey everyone I’m Jasmine! I was born and raised here in Knoxville, which is why I love sweet tea by the gallon. I also love coffee, and probably drink way too much of it in one day. I’m a wife and mom of 5 little ones, plus one hyperactive Weimaraner! I get asked all the time if my kids are all mine, and even though the answer is yes, I always laugh when asked. It’s funny I never saw myself having a big family, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Our days are loud, chaotic, messy, and so full of love. In between breaking up sibling feuds, cleaning spills, and changing diapers, I work seasonal in an emergency department. I get summer off to be home fully with my family and I love it! In the summertime we love going to the parks, lake, and all the splash pads! And fall here is my favorite next to summer, you can find us jumping in the leaves and doing all the fun fall festivities.

You will usually always see me with coffee in one hand, and a good book in the other. I also do photography occasionally and I love to blog. My passion for writing ignited back in elementary school when I won the D.A.R.E. essay contest. It opened up a whole new world for me, putting my thoughts to paper. I had so many journals and old school diaries with a lock and key. I never shared my stuff until becoming a mother. I had so many emotions, and desired to write and connect with other moms. I started writing a lot on Instagram connecting with mothers from all over, and writing posts for other websites. From there I took the leap and created a blog. Writing has become part of who I am. I believe in sharing our stories, because that’s where the connection and healing starts. I hope to not only encourage others through my words, but to be encouraged by others along the way. Because we are all in this motherhood thing together! So pull up a seat, because there’s always room at the table here for you! You can find daily posts on motherhood, faith, and my crazy filled life here on Instagram. And for more longer posts you can check my blog Raising The Martins out here.


Lauren B.

Hello! My name is Lauren Bouch. I am a Knoxville native and cannot imagine living anywhere else. I am married to my college sweetheart, Daniel. He works as a Civil/Structural Engineer, and I am a stay-at-home mom to twin girls. We never dreamed that we would have twins, but here we are two years later with the sweetest girls, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

In my spare time, I love to read. Classic literature is my favorite, and if Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice, anyone?) wrote it, I have read it. In fact, both of my girls’ names have literary ties, and I even have a dog named Gatsby. I also enjoy running, drinking coffee, re-watching Gilmore Girls (for the millionth time), going to concerts, and spending time outdoors.

My faith plays a huge role in how I mother. I strive to be an encouragement to other moms and that’s what I hope to do here.



¡Hola! I’m Meredith. I moved to Knoxville when I was 8 years old so I have always considered Tennessee home sweet home to me. We especially love the VOLS! I am a Maryville College graduate. I also have a master’s degree from the University of Tennessee and an education specialist degree from Lincoln Memorial University. I am a high school Spanish teacher and have been teaching since 2006. I love to travel and have visited 18 countries. My absolute favorite place is Barcelona, Spain.

I met my husband, Nasaem, in 1999 at a place in Knoxville called Celebration Station, where we both worked. If you are a Knoxville native, you probably spent some time there playing arcade games, riding go-karts and bumper boats, or playing putt-putt. We got married nine years later, in 2008. So, we have known each other for over half of our lives! We have two children, Hunter (born 2009) and Sophia (born 2012). My kids keep me on my toes and I feel like I always have a crazy story to tell. We also got a dog, Wrigley, in 2020. I never thought we would be dog owners, as that was not in our plan, but here we are! Our life is one adventure after the other and we never know what is going to happen next. We are also the family that is always late for everything, which drives many of our friends and family members crazy.

We are a sports-loving family. My daughter plays soccer and absolutely loves it. She also recently started running track and really enjoyed it. She played basketball for a few years and finally told us that she thought it was boring. She also did gymnastics and tumbling for a few years, but it conflicted with soccer, and she chose soccer. My son has played a variety of sports, including baseball, basketball, and flag football; however, his preferred sport is now golf. He also really loves fishing, which he learned all about from his uncle. I do not particularly enjoy fishing and neither does my husband. With all of that said, I spend most of my time at the soccer field with my daughter and the golf course with my son. I have become his preferred caddie, even though my golf knowledge is limited.

When I’m not at school, the soccer field or on the golf course, you can find me shopping at Target or traveling to a new place to check off of my bucket list. When we travel, we usually do not have a plan so we tend to stumble upon really neat events and find really interesting things. That also tends to happen when I shop at Target and I end up spending way more than I anticipated! I used to be the type of person who had to plan everything out, but once I became a mom, I had to let go of that and learn to go with the flow, which is actually much more fun and exciting. I’m looking forward to sharing our adventures with you all!

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I live in East Knoxville with my 4-year-old daughter and husband.  I own Custom Love Gifts, Events, and Prints, a company in the wedding industry offering Event Planning, Gourment Favors, and Wedding Stationery.  I am also co-owner of The Bride Link, which offers expert wedding planning advice, including a Youtube Channel and Podcast.

I am a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, although I am limited to only owning one cat (but I still feed the strays!).  I am currently learning how to navigate owning my first puppy, and isn’t sure which is harder to raise, the puppy or the toddler.  I have a Masters degrees from WVU in Industrial Relations as well as a MBA. Originally I am from WV, but has lived in Knoxville since 2011.  Who would leave this place with all these great lakes nearby?  It is perfect for a summer get away for a day!

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Hi there! I may not have been born in East Tennessee, but I definitely consider it home. My family moved to Oak Ridge from Southern California right before I started high school, so I’ve been here since 2004. After high school I went to Lincoln Memorial University in the small town of Harrogate, TN for my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. A couple of months after graduating I married my husband, Zach, and soon after we moved to Knoxville. After spending some time trying to find my niche, I ended up back at Lincoln Memorial University but this time as an employee at their Knoxville campus, and earning my MBA. I really enjoy getting to work with college students as an adviser, and helping them achieve their educational and career goals!

Faith and family are very important to us. After being married for five years we had our son, Will, who is now one. Every day is so exciting watching him learn and grow! We love to get outside and explore our beautiful area- it’s amazing how much we have to do and see right here in our own backyard!  We also love to cheer on the Vols, even in the tough years. I also love reading, singing (previously in choir, now just in the car!), coffee with too much cream and sugar, and browsing the aisles of Target on an early Saturday morning. I’m so excited to be a part of the Knoxville Moms, and can’t wait for all the adventures we’ll have together!



Hey everyone! I’m so glad to be joining the Knoxville Moms family and look forward to allowing you into my thoughts each month! I’m really good at talking to myself so it’s nice when I can get those words on paper, or in this case, online.

I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana as an only child with two incredibly supportive parents, but was surrounded by 3 huge extended families that we saw all the time. I started my college career at Indiana University and then transferred to Ball State University after my sophomore year to major in Telecommunications (TV Production), which inadvertently lead me to a career in advertising for 10 years. After graduating and getting married, my husband and I unexpectedly found ourselves moving to Birmingham, Alabama. I thought that would be a short stop in our history, but it lasted 13 years until we moved here to Knoxville in 2018. And I have to say so far we are loving it! I am a SAHM to 2 girls and 1 boy – Eva (b. 2012), Alex (b. 2016) and Ozzie (b. 2017). I call them my vowel kids. If we had anymore they’d have to start with I and U. But that’s not going to happen. We actually never wanted more than 2 kids, but after #2 popped out I could only picture our family with 3 kids, the baby being a boy. Somehow God perfectly answered that last minute prayer for me. We also have a dog named Snoop (Get it? Snoop Dog) who is 14, but patiently puts up with 3 little kids in his old age. After 3 1/2 years of a long distance relationship my husband Joe and I got married in 2005. We feel complete in our family and happily settled here in Tennessee!

I am a blunt person. I don’t sugarcoat things or make stuff sound better than it is. I pride myself on being real. You’ll never hear me say “well bless her heart.” It would come out of me a little more literal.

In my minimal free time I enjoy playing the piano, traveling, watching movies, drinking wine, having game nights with friends, taking family walks, getting the occasional massage and writing. My dream is to one day see my name on the cover of a children’s book as the Author (definitely not as the Illustrator), but for now you can catch my posts on the Knoxville Moms and on my personal blog My Groggy Bloggy.



Hey guys…..I mean, Hey ya’ll! (I’m told that first one is not a Southern phrase!)

I’m Audrey, a middle of nowhere, East Tennessee transplant. My husband (and forever crush) Andy and I were born and raised in Ohio State Buckeye territory, where we met in junior high school and married halfway through college. We have 2 tweens here on Earth: Lucas-the sweetest jokester boy you will ever meet, and Alaina-a charismatic and responsible redhead. We were hoping for a bigger family, but it wasn’t in the cards for us.

For years we have vacationed here in and around Knoxville and so when the opportunity came to move here for Andy’s new job, we took it!

Prior to moving here, I was first and foremost a Wife and Mother, but filled my days at a special needs preschool, title company, and as a FT volunteer-a-holic. I was VP for the PTO, board member of our district Visioning Committee, 4-H club advisor and wrote for the Dayton(OH) Moms Blog.

In my spare time, I love DIY, crafting, reading and writing.

And I will always be a barefoot farm girl at heart. We raise/grow our own food- and I occasionally even make dinner out of our homegrown goodness- but I hate cooking!

I can’t wait to immerse myself in this sweet, southern community!



Hey everyone! I’m Kelci Parrott and I am a mom to two blonde haired, blue eyed baby dolls, Lillian (3) and Hattie (2). Born and raised in Nashville, TN I met my husband in college at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (GO MOCS!) After living in Maryland and California after college, we finally decided to move back to his hometown in Knoxville, while I was 30 weeks pregnant!

After spending the first 5 years post college traveling the country opening franchises for a local moving company, I had a complete change of scenery when I took my current role of an after-school program director.  I spend my afternoons with my 100+ bonus kids who keep me hip and young. I love working with kids and being in the school my own children will attend. I am an expert ice pack giver, temperature taker, and homework helper. It is a blessing every day to spend time with them and be a part of their childhood experience.

My husband, Devan, also known as dbaby, coaches a local high school baseball team and I still think he is way out of my league, no pun intended. We have been married for 5 years and together for 10! After struggling to conceive our first daughter, we got the surprise of our life when we found out we were pregnant again with a 5-month-old in the next room! My due dates were exactly 13 months apart! When we aren’t chasing around our girls, or spending time at the ballpark we love to explore new restaurants, drink craft beer, and cheer on the Vols!



Hey guys! I’m Dominique! I am originally from Alaska but grew up in Madisonville, TN.  I lived in Chattanooga for 4 years while attending UTC majoring in Communications. After graduation, I moved to Knoxville to start my career and now have landed in North Knoxville where I have been for the past 10 years.

I am the wife to Jeff, and the stay-at-home momma bear to two wild curly haired girls Charleigh and Henleigh. I always thought I was going to end up being a boy mom which might be why my girls have such unique unisex names. I temporarily became a stay-at- home mom after I had my second child, Henleigh with plans to return to the work force in the future but I am super excited to start this blogging adventure.

I enjoy crafting and being creative! You can always find me trying new things with my kids. I am a huge extrovert and enjoy meeting new people so we are always out and about when we can be. I love kickboxing, drinking my bean water (coffee), and trying new recipes. I look forward to sharing my highs and lows as a mom with you and hope to be an inspiration.

jasminethewriter, jasmine york ball

Jasmine B.

Hi, I’m Jasmine Ball – wife, mom, and founder of BTM Writing Services. My days are usually divided between being a stay-at-home mom of an energetic 1-year-old (Trinity), running my home-based business, and getting to know what all Knoxville has to offer.

I’m originally from Selma, AL, and have since lived in a few different places and a few different states before settling down in Knoxville, TN in 2019 with Chris – my husband of 6 years (together for 11 years). Since we’re newer to Knoxville, we mostly spend our time getting used to what life looks like now as new parents in a new state in a pandemic. It’s a whole new world and we’re ready to take on the new adventures.

Stephanie R

Stephanie R.

Hi there! I’m Stephanie (but everyone refers to me as Steph) and am a Knoxville transplant originally from South Florida.  Moving here from a big city 12 years ago was a culture shock for me at first, but I have since grown to enjoy this city I now call home.  I do consider the term ya’ll part of my vocabulary now, along with an occasional bless it, however it will always be sneakers (not tennis shoes) and a shopping cart (not a buggy) to me!

I have been married to my hubby Dave for 11 years now, but we have been together for almost 21! We met when we were both summer camp counselors in the year 2000 and never looked back. Dave was actually born here in Knoxville, but grew up in Atlanta and South Florida, where we met, while I lived in the same place for eighteen years. So therefore, he is an avid TN Vols fan, and I like the tailgating lol! I attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida where I received my BS in Elementary Education. I just entered into my 15th year as an elementary school teacher, currently teaching 4th grade math. The day after we got engaged, he got a call with a job offer he simply could not pass up, so off we went to start our life.  If you had asked me 20 years ago if I could see myself living in Knoxville, TN, I would have never believed it! But here we are, having put roots down and going strong 12 years later!

We have one outspoken, sassy, 9 going on 16-year-old daughter named Peyton (literally nothing to do with Manning for me, I just really liked the name and hubby, being a Vols fan, was all in) and then our never stops moving, all boy loving everything son Gavin who is 5 and just started kindergarten! Being their mommy is probably the hardest job I will ever have, but it is also the most rewarding (cliché sounding I know) and I can think of no better way to receive and give unconditional love. Watching these little people, who are part my DNA, grow up into individuals is the coolest thing ever!

When I’m not lesson planning or driving people to their dance, swim, or flag football practices, you can find me with my nose buried in a good book with either a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, depending on what time of day it is, binge watching the latest new release on Netflix, trying my hardest to get in a workout when I can, and testing out new recipes in the kitchen.  If you’re here for anything sarcastic, I’m your girl! Sending memes and Tik-toks are my love language, I always check out the dessert menu first when out to eat, and I love event planning for my friends and family! A few of my favorite things are Friends, long walks down the aisles of Target, coffee, musicals, playing with makeup and skincare products, shopping, the beach, all kinds of music, Fall season,  spending quality time with friends and family, traveling, and all things Disney.

I am beyond excited to be on this new adventure with Knoxville Moms and cannot wait to get started.  I am looking forward to sharing my adventures and experiences in this crazy thing called life with you all through the written word!

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Hello! My name is Tricia and I am an associate professor in the Department of Audiology & Speech Pathology at University of Tennessee in Knoxville with specialties in stuttering and early childhood language. I am a mom to 3 school-aged girls (including a set of twins) and a stepmom to 2 boys in their twenties. In 2013, my husband, Richard, and I relocated to Knoxville from Delaware. He grew up in NY and I in Pennsylvania.  We love the close-knit, small-city feel of Knoxville, the proximity to the mountains and the fantastic community that surrounds us in our Farragut home. We spend our evenings and weekends on the sidelines cheering on our kids in various sporting events. My primary hobby is driving children from one place to another.  I have a passion for anti-bullying movements, outdoor education and building support group networks around the world.  I host a podcast entitled “Stutter Stories” to help share the voices of people who stutter internationally.

I am a huge fan of thinking globally and acting locally. I am glad to be a part of Knoxville Moms and feel inspired when parents connect to take action for the well-being of each other and their children. Supporting moms in their quest to survive and thrive while raising the next generation is a mission with which I am proud to be included.



I am a local public relations professional by day, but my most important titles are ‘Mom’ to my rainbow baby, Clayton, and ‘Wife’, to my high school sweetheart, Louis.

I have worked at McGhee Tyson Airport in the public relations department for the past ten years. I manage the airport’s website and social media accounts, but what I love most about my job is the ability to help passengers have a safe and enjoyable experience at TYS. After becoming a mom, it became even more important for me to share travel tips and ‘mom-hacks’ that make traveling with children seamless, stress-free, and maybe even fun!

As a born-and-raised East Tennessean, I am a fan of (orange!) all-things Knoxville. I love seeing our area continue to grow by offering unique, memorable experiences for all ages and interests.

When I’m not singing a Blippi song that’s stuck in my head or kicking around a soccer ball with my son, you can find me traveling, reading, or reading about travel.



Hi there! My name is Angie. I was not born and raised in Knoxville, but I am so happy we now call it home.

I am originally from an extremely small suburb of Chicago (the part where it’s mostly cornfield). I wanted to move away so badly and I decided in my early twenties to move to Florida. After living there for a few years, I met my husband and we got married. We stayed in Florida until it was time to start a family. We didn’t know where we wanted to go, but we wanted to go somewhere. We came to the Knoxville area to visit family and immediately fell in love. We moved less than a month before our amazing son, Flynn, was born.

My son had some complications at birth. Thanks to the fast actions from my doctor and the hard work from the team at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, my son was able to survive and I am so grateful for that every day. Right after my son turned one he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. We drive all over Knoxville going to appointments.

I have a background in Cosmetology (doing hair), marketing, graphic design, and working in the medical field as a medical assistant at a dermatologist. After my son got his diagnosis I made the decision to put all my attention to his care and helping out moms in situations like mine. I started to help raise awareness and spread kindness for all these amazing people with a little extra need.

We love finding fun things to do with my son where he can feel included, and the Knoxville area has some pretty amazing stuff! Every day is a new adventure for us and it’s always a surprise! I am so happy to be a part of Knoxville Moms and I look forward to getting to know you, and you getting to know me!



Hey, hey!  Amanda here! I’m a forever Carolina girl that moved to Knoxville in 2003 and have called it home ever since. I’m an introvert married to KJ (the most extroverted person I’ve ever met) and I’m a proud mom to my 3 boys: Noah (14), Nash (4) and Banks (6 months). I’ve been a teacher for 17 years in both general and special education and am currently working part time as an academic coach in the Anderson County school system.

When the stars align and I have a few moments to myself, you’ll find me compulsively decorating my house (a.k.a. moving things around), listening to Oldies music and making plans to retire at any beach we can afford. There’s nothing that ruins my day faster than having to figure out what’s for dinner and nothing lifts my spirits more than a good true crime podcast or book. I also firmly believe that Halloween is the best holiday ever and I dare you to try and convince me otherwise (I see you, Christmas lovers!).

Writing is where I feel the most like myself and it’s truly become a form of therapy for me over the years. My writing is typically much funnier than I’ll ever hope to be in real life. I love being a mom so being able to write about the highs and lows of “momming” 3 boys who are all in very different stages of life excites me. I hope you’re excited to join me on this wild and chaotic adventure we call Motherhood!



Hi ya’ll! My name is Samantha, and I am Knoxville transplant. I grew up in Indiana but vacationed every year in the Smokies and knew eventually I wanted to make Rocky Top my home. I went to ETSU and came away with Bachelors in Finance, a Master’s in Business Administration, and my wonderful husband Brad. We met rock climbing, got married in 2012, and moved to Knoxville in 2015. After we got married we struggled for years with infertility and in 2016 we finally embarked on an IVF journey that brought us our sweet twin girls Brooklyn and Blakely (4). We have since added another little girl, Heidi (2), to our clan through an FET cycle and hope to do another cycle soon. Our kiddos are our biggest blessings, and we treasure every moment with them!

In addition to my favorite job as mom, I am also a healthcare real estate compliance consultant. It’s a wordy title, but basically my company helps health systems with all their real estate needs, and I personally help dot the i’s and cross the t’s on lease agreements and real estate transactions. I also run my own blog and social media business (check out @samantharaisingwildflowers) as well as do newborn/baby/kid photography on the side (@1samuel1photography).

I am a big dreamer and big doer. I love travelling and took my three girls to all 50 US states on my maternity leave in 2019 in a sprinter van that Brad converted into a camper for us. While I would love to do vanlife full time, that is not in the cards, so Brad and I now convert sprinter vans for other families and take them on fun trips as a test run. Instead, we are on the search for a mini farm to buy and call our own. I am also a huge fan of the outdoors and love hiking, camping, biking, rock climbing, and kayaking or paddle boarding. When we are not out and about, we like to cuddle up together and go on adventures in books.

I am so honored to be a part of this Knoxville Moms team, connect with other local moms, share a bit about our crazy but beautiful life, and can’t wait to get to know all of you!

Kara M-KM

Kara M.

Hey gals! My name is Kara McFarland. I was born and raised in St. Louis, but I’ve called Knoxville home for 12 years! As a transplant, I’ve come to understand the importance of “blooming where you’re planted.” It is how I’ve gone from newcomer, to truly loving ALL this town has to offer. Whether it’s volunteering, exploring Knoxville’s urban wilderness or grabbing a locally brewed beer, there’s always something to do (and it’s usually family-friendly, which we love)! I’m a recovering TV news career-woman, turned stay-at-home-mom to our beautiful daughter, Navy. I met my college sweetheart (now husband) while attending Mizzou, where I obtained my Master of Arts in Journalism. After college, my husband enrolled at the University of Tennessee School of Law and we moved to Knoxville. While leaving the Midwest was a huge transition for me, it didn’t take long to fall in love with East TN! Working in local TV offered up countless opportunities to experience all that our scruffy little city has to offer. The history, the people, the geography…the orange! Simply put, this city charmed us and we love that our daughter is starting a new tradition in our family- Tennessee born and raised!



Hi, I’m Missy. I wasn’t raised in Tennessee, but it has become my home and the place where I plan to remain forever. I became a mama three times over in the early 2000’s after several years of infertility and losses. I am mom to three teenagers now. Motherhood is my real-life dream come true, but not everything in life turns out dreamy. I was stunned to find myself a single mother and learned so much about resilience and community during that season. I was even more surprised when I remarried and became a second wife and stepmom!  What a sweet gift that has been, and even more growth opportunities.

My heartbeat is to encourage others and faith in Christ is an integral part of who I am. I view the world through the lens of motherhood and love the way being “mom” connects so many of us. I have no family ties in the area, so friendships sustain me and investing in people is my passion. Relationships are the richness of this world!

I am girlfriend to my husband, mother to my three kiddos and “Missy” to my step daughters. Along with keeping our household humming, I also work in the software industry, keeping the office running. Both at home and at the office I keep the kitchen stocked and the coffee flowing. For fun I love to head to our Smoky Mountains, garden on our hillside or unwind on the patio and read a novel. I find words to be so powerful, so I process my thoughts and find clarity when I write.  I’m excited to share with others. You can also find me at my blog, Far From Flawless.