The Ultimate Guide To Knoxville Summer Fun


The Ultimate Guide to Knoxville Summer Fun

Looking for the most fun this summer? Have no fear, Knoxville Moms has you covered with The Ultimate Guide To Knoxville Summer Fun!

The Ultimate Guide To Knoxville Summer Fun
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Knoxville Summer Fun For The Whole Family

Knoxville Summer Eats

Knoxville Summer Outdoor Adventures

Worth The Drive

Fun At Home

  • Let your kids set up a lemonade stand (or something else fun) and consider visiting and donating the proceeds to any of Knoxville’s great local nonprofits.
  • Buy all the things at the Dollar Tree, and craft until your heart’s content. Or for that matter, let your kids go crazy and give them $10 to spend.
  • Visit your nearest KARM and buy some board games or puzzles for a family game night!
  • Let Dolly Parton read your kids a bedtime story.
  • Have a Retro ’90s Family Movie Night from the comfort of your own home. Or you if you really want to up your game, rent a projector and have an outdoor movie night.

Knoxville Learning Fun

Knoxville Indoor Fun



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