My Preteen’s Summer Bucket List


My Preteen’s Summer Bucket List

I am sure we have all heard the term “bucket list” before, but in case you haven’t, a bucket list is a list of things you want to do by a certain time. Some people have one for their lifetime, while others make lists that are seasonal or even ones that are specific to a destination. I usually enjoy seeing other people’s bucket lists to get an idea of some things I would like to include in my own personal list.

So when my daughter and her best friend created bucket lists for their summer break, I thought it was such a great idea that I wanted to share it here!

My daughter was so proud of her list that it is currently hanging on the wall in her bedroom proudly displayed front and center! Will she get to cross off all of the items on her list? Probably not, but I would say a good portion of them are doable! And that’s the thing about a bucket list…I feel like you can dream small and dream big, and everything in between. Her list gives us something to look forward to and to aspire to make these ideas happen. I hope you are able to get some ideas from my daughter’s bucket list which you can adapt to fit your own family’s needs!

Summer 2024 Bucket List:

  1. Water balloon fight
  2. Pictures at sunrise/sunset
  3. Night swimming
  4. Photo shoot
  5. Make cookies
  6. Karaoke party
  7. Tie-dye shirts
  8. Go to Dollywood
  9. Mini golf
  10. Go-karts
  11. Go to Bucees
  12. Go on a road trip
  13. Tubing on the lake
  14. Eat ice cream
  15. Build a blanket fort
  16. Movie marathon
  17. Get a pedicure
  18. Play with sidewalk chalk
  19. Make s’mores
  20. Spa day
  21. Go to the mall
  22. Go to a concert
  23. Make slime
  24. Go to the beach
  25. Laser tag
  26. Hair tinsel
  27. Have a big sleepover
  28. Make friendship bracelets
  29. Bike ride
  30. Paint something
  31. Escape room
  32. Collect seashells
  33. Go to a trampoline park
  34. Take polaroids
  35. Go to Pigeon Forge
  36. Play Twister
  37. Indoor rock climbing
  38. Decorate sunglasses
  39. Go ziplining
  40. Fireworks

What I love about my daughter’s list is that some of the ideas are simple with little to no preparation or materials, and some of them are more involved. I truly feel like there is something on her list that appeals to everyone. I am super proud of her for taking the initiative and being proactive in making sure she has an enjoyable and fun summer!

Does your family have a summer bucket list? If so, what are some things on it?

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