Best Knoxville Family-Friendly Bicycle Rides


Families are hopping on their bicycles in record numbers and bicycle shops are doing booming business. 

Here in East Tennessee, we’re lucky to be surrounded by more than 65 miles of greenway trails. Most of these trails are paved and are often low in mileage. That means they’re perfect for kids! If your family is getting tired of just pedaling around your neighborhood, you’re in luck!

Knoxville Moms has a list of family-friendly bike rides on our greenways and beyond guaranteed to give you a change of scenery and plenty of fun.

Best Knoxville Family-Friendly Bicycle RidesRemember to wear those bicycle helmets, stay hydrated and follow these rules so we can all safely enjoy these rides!

Greenway Bicycle Etiquette

  1. Show courtesy — greenways are for all users.

  2. Yield right-of-way to pedestrians.

  3. Keep to the right (except to pass).

  4. Always pass on the left and give ample room.

  5. Before you pass a pedestrian or another bicyclist, slow down and either ring a bell or politely call out “passing on your left.”

  6. Stay single file in congested conditions.

  7. Ride at a safe speed and enjoy the view.

Baker Creek Preserve: Located in Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness, there is something for riders of all skill levels. There is a kids’ bicycle pump track and loop and easy multi-use trails. NOTE: Baker Creek Preserve is under construction, but parking and trail access will remain open.

Bearden Village Greenway: Connects West High School, the Bearden Adaptive Center and Bearden Elementary School along Sutherland Ave. While on the greenway, you may want to check out the historic markers along the way that recount the history of Bearden Village.

Betty Brown Memorial Walking Trail: (Kingston) Just over three miles one-way, this trail starts at the Alton E Byrd Park, next to the Kingston City Park. It winds along the shoreline, through the Gravel Pit Park, then over to the 58 Landing Park, to end at Fort South West Point Park. Enjoy peaceful lakefront views and be on the lookout for waterfowl and wildlife!

Cavet Station Greenway: Begins at the intersection of Gallaher View Rd. and East Walker Springs Road and heads north. Eventually you can connect with the Ten Mile Creek Greenway to Walker Springs Park.

First Creek Greenway: The First Creek Greenway is currently divided into two sections. Future plans call for a connection under the interstate to link the Upper Section of the greenway in First Creek Park to the Lower Section in Caswell Park. The Caswell Park lower section goes around the Ashley Nicole Playground, its beautiful gardens and lush open space.

Grigsby Chapel Greenway/Farragut: The greenway, which begins at the Farragut commuter lot (11700 Campbell Lakes Drive), connects several subdivisions. An additional 1/4-mile segment located behind Farragut Primary School connects to Village Green subdivision near the sidewalk to Founders Park at Campbell Station.

James White Greenway: This scenic one mile stretch along the James White Greenway follows the shoreline of the Tennessee River where you can enjoy waterfront views and lots of wildlife sightings!

Jean Teague Greenway: From its start at West Hills Elementary School, the Jean Teague Greenway winds through the West Hills John Bynon Park before crossing Winston Road where it continues its trek over to Gallaher View Road. The greenway forks so you can continue and connect with either the Cavet Station Greenway or the Ten Mile Creek Greenway.

Knox Blount Greenway: There are great plans for this trail to connect downtown Knoxville with the Great Smoky Mountains. Only portions of the trail are complete so be sure to map out your route before you begin!

Liberty Street Greenway: From Middlebrook Greenway, the Liberty Street Greenway, parallels the east side of Liberty Street, providing a connector to the Juvenile Justice Center, John Tarleton Park, and the Young Williams Animal Center.

Maryville-Alcoa Greenway: This trail winds through Maryville and Alcoa for several miles. The trail has lights to allow for evening and early morning use. You’ll wind through scenic bridges and tunnels along with woods and open spaces.

McFee Road Greenway/Farragut: This 1.5 mile stretch of paved greenway parallels McFee Road. The greenway provides a safe route for residents of Bridgemore, McFee Manor and the Cottages at Pryse Farm subdivisions to walk, bike or run over to McFee Park.

Melton Lake Greenway/Oak Ridge: This peaceful 5.7 mile one-way paved waterfront trail parallels the western shore of Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge. Along the greenway, Melton Lake Park provides a picnic shelter and playground for families that want to take the greenway to the park.

Middlebrook Greenway: Middlebrook Greenway provides a safe commuter and recreational trail as it runs along the north side of Middlebrook Pike from Proctor to Liberty Street. Eventually you can pick up the Liberty Street Greenway.

Morningside Park Greenway: Winding through Morningside Park, the greenway passes through a newly renovated disc golf course, and curves around sporting fields and playground area.

Neyland Greenway: The bridge on First Creek marks the beginning of the Neyland Greenway which continues west, running parallel to the Tennessee River through Volunteer Landing Park. You can connect to other greenways and even World’s Fair Park from the Neyland Greenway.

Parkside Greenway/Farragut: Parkside Greenway parallels the southern edge of I-40, skirting the scenic Turkey Creek Wetland. Beginning at Lovell Road, the greenway runs behind the Turkey Creek Shopping Center, connecting to the road’s sidewalk system and offers several connections to access the stores and restaurants along the way.

Pellissippi Greenway: The Pellissippi Greenway runs from Pellissippi State Community College to Carmichael Rd, paralleling Pellissippi Parkway to the west.

Paper Mill Bluff Greenway: The Papermill Bluff Greenway begins at the Holiday Inn on Kirby Road and ends at Weisgarber Greenway on Weisgarber Road, near the Church of the Savior. There are several spots with views of the Bearden Hill district and the Great Smoky Mountains.

Second Creek Greenway: Second Creek Greenway begins at Neyland Stadium, runs north underneath the railroad and crosses Cumberland Avenue to the World’s Fair Park. Here the Greenway connects to Neyland Greenway.

Sequoyah Hills Trails: “The Boulevard” as it’s known to locals, is a favorite spot whether you’re on wheels or not. Bicyclists ride on the paved boulevard while others can walk on the gravel trail. This greenway has a few hills to test your endurance, so keep that in mind if you have little ones with you!

Ten Mile Creek Greenway: Beginning at Walker Springs Road just west of Walmart, the Ten Mile Creek Greenway runs parallel to Ten Mile Creek, hence the name. The greenway passes by Walker Springs Park which offers a 0.3 mile connector trail to the Greenway in addition to a great start location. You can even connect with the Cavet Station Greenway.

Third Creek Greenway: The 5.3 mile Third Creek Greenway is a portion of an 18-mile connected greenway system. It begins in Bearden on Forest Park Boulevard. Be on the lookout for a recently discovered Civil War fort!

Town Creek Greenway/Lenoir City: The 1.75 mile trail is located on Broadway (Highway 11) across from the Pilot gas station. You’ll find plenty of parking at the other end of the trail at Kingston Baptist Church. Your ride will take you along the scenic Town Creek and you’ll even pass a brand-new playground!

Turkey Creek Greenway/Farragut: Located on Turkey Creek Road, this 1.6-mile tree-lined greenway connects Brixworth, Kingsgate, and Sailview subdivisions with Anchor Park in Farragut.

Weisgarber Greenway: The Weisgarber Greenway starts under I-40, parallels Weisgarber Road and ends at the Middlebrook Pike sidewalk system. From the Weisgarber Greenway you can connect to several other greenways.

Will Skelton Greenway: This trail starts at Island Home Park and winds along the banks of the Tennessee River. The greenway continues snaking through the woods and enters the peaceful sanctuary of Ijams Nature Center and over to the Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area.

Knoxville Family-Friendly Bicycle RidesDid we miss one of your family’s favorite spots to ride bicycles? Please share them below!


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