Jenny Greene

I am a missionary-turned-mom from Kansas who loves to write, create, and enjoy life with my husband, Casey, my daughter Penelope, and our wild little boy, Eldon. After spending six years overseas, we returned to East Tennessee to find an overwhelming modern world- especially for moms! So in the search for a simpler life, I often look to previous generations for wisdom and guidance in everything from homemaking, to marriage, to child-rearing! Looking back helps me look forward and know that in this crazy mom-life, I'm never alone... and neither are you!
3 Elementary Aged Hacks for Mom

3 Major Mom Hacks for Elementary-Aged Kids

I never dreamed I'd be here. Just yesterday I was writing about potty-training my firstborn, and now my last baby has started Kindergarten. I have TWO (2) Elementary-aged kids. Cue the tears and the hallelujahs! So...
Teach That Old Dog

Teach That Old Dog…Go Ahead

I went to the beach this week. It was glorious and I’m fearlessly claiming “Vitamin Sea Therapy” against any Covid-19 naysayers out there. But while I sat there with growing kids (read: less responsibility),...
Houseparty for Moms

Moms Making Memories from Far Away

When this quarantine is over, the first thing I’m doing is inviting all of our friends over for a huge house party...You? I'm learning, during this social distancing, that few things connect people like gathering...
Fixing the holes in our lives

A Holy Moment

I sat there in the chair, hunched over needle and thread. Squinting through fuzzy white hairs at the stuffing that peeked out of the tear, just at the seam of the arm. The head...
Hold my Corona(virus)

Hold My Corona(virus)

Breathe, Mama. You have my permission to breathe. When motherhood comes knocking, you suddenly develop a million phobias. The last thing you need to worry about is a worldwide pandemic with rumored zombie apocalypse-type...

Over the River and Through the Wifi… Connecting Kids with Family During the Holidays

Disclaimer :: Messenger Kids sponsored this blog post, however, the opinions and paragraphs belong to the writer. Staying in touch with family over the holidays is challenging, with busy schedules made busier by parties, events,...
Confessions of an Extroverted Introvert at Christmastime

Confessions of an Extroverted Introvert {At Christmastime}

Calling all Extroverted Introverts (you know who you are)! The season is upon us where we must embrace the crazy of busy shopping malls, numerous family gatherings, awkward Christmas parties, and over-excited kids. Walk...
Facing the challenges of parenting an elementary aged child who is not a tween, but not a child anymore either.

The Space Between

I don't even know what to call this age. This strange time between child and tween. These mid-elementary years. I was prepared (ha) for having a baby. There were steps and milestones and hunger cues. I knew...
A letter to my non-mom millenial friends

For My Non-Mom Millennial Friends

Thank you.  There used to be a time when I came home after being around you and whined that I couldn't relate because we just weren't in the same "season." There were many days where...
Top 5 Excuses for Not Working Out

My 5 Excuses for Not Working Out

I used to love working out. I loved the sweat and the muscle and the exhilarating endorphins (and being able to eat whatever I wanted). But while I was not the most consistently fit...
Why don't we care about colds anymore?

Why Don’t We Care About Colds Anymore?

How do I put this nicely? Um...parenting has changed. A lot. And I just don't know that we are better for it. I was reading the Berenstain Bears the other day (because most everything...
6 Shortcuts for Handling the Busy Holidays

6 Shortcuts for Handling the Busy Holidays

Christmas is coming...and if you're like me, your calendar is already filling up with programs and parties and all things holiday. Perhaps it's loaded with required school events, or maybe you just have a...