Jenny Greene

I am a missionary-turned-mom from Kansas who loves to write, create, and enjoy life with my husband, Casey, my daughter Penelope, and our wild little boy, Eldon. After spending six years overseas, we returned to East Tennessee to find an overwhelming modern world- especially for moms! So in the search for a simpler life, I often look to previous generations for wisdom and guidance in everything from homemaking, to marriage, to child-rearing! Looking back helps me look forward and know that in this crazy mom-life, I'm never alone... and neither are you!
Autumn in Anakeesta

Enjoy Autumn at Anakeesta

There's magic in the mountains... And they're not wrong! With cooler weather upon us, Anakeesta is the perfect place to enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors of Autumn with your family. Check out our Flash Giveaway...
Ode to Summer

Mom’s Ode to Summer

Oh, summer! How I love to hate you. I love your long lazy days and warm starlit nights. Except when we're frantically running from sports to camps to playdates to "memory making" in such a frenzy...and...
Dang It, I'm Doing My Best

Dang It, I’m Doing My Best

Can we all just speak that over ourselves right now? (Minus the “but I could do this better…”) Could we just agree that we’re doing all that we can with whatever hand we’ve been...
Getting your baby ready for Kindergarten

Getting Your Baby (yes, BABY) Ready for Kindergarten

Many of us know the stress of preparing a child for Kindergarten: How soon is too soon? What if he doesn't know how to write his name? How far should she be able to...
5 Reasons to Go to Cades Cove

5 Reasons to Go to Cades Cove, Like… RIGHT NOW!

School breaks are precious, so we do our best to make the most of them! Naturally, if it is gorgeous we HAVE to get outta town at least one day. Our favorite spot is...
Small Steps to Healthier Eating

Small Steps: Food Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Well...we're two weeks in. How are your resolutions coming along? This is usually the point where I start falling off the wagon. Schedules get busy and all those dreams I had of working out...
Long Distance Holidays

Connecting Kids with Family During the Holidays

Disclaimer :: Messenger Kids sponsored this blog post, however, the opinions and paragraphs belong to the writer. Staying in touch with my long-distance family over the holidays has always been a bit challenging, but when...
Recipe for Hope

Recipe for Hope

"Here they come," I think to myself as that familiar heat creeps into the corners of my eyes. I blink to fight them back, but it's no use. The salty tears well up. I...
Is it January yet?

Is it January Yet?

Ah, Halloween. The gateway to the holidays. Finally something familiar in the middle of all...this. The costumes and the cool weather. The candy and the festivities. Sure, they're muted, and distanced, and different. But they're...
3 Elementary Aged Hacks for Mom

3 Major Mom Hacks for Elementary-Aged Kids

I never dreamed I'd be here. Just yesterday I was writing about potty-training my firstborn, and now my last baby has started Kindergarten. I have TWO (2) Elementary-aged kids. Cue the tears and the hallelujahs! So...
Teach That Old Dog

Teach That Old Dog…Go Ahead

I went to the beach this week. It was glorious and I’m fearlessly claiming “Vitamin Sea Therapy” against any Covid-19 naysayers out there. But while I sat there with growing kids (read: less responsibility),...
Houseparty for Moms

Moms Making Memories from Far Away

When this quarantine is over, the first thing I’m doing is inviting all of our friends over for a huge house party...You? I'm learning, during this social distancing, that few things connect people like gathering...