Jenny Greene

I am a missionary-turned-mom from Kansas who loves to write, create, and enjoy life with my husband, Casey, my daughter Penelope, and our wild little boy, Eldon. After spending six years overseas, we returned to East Tennessee to find an overwhelming modern world- especially for moms! So in the search for a simpler life, I often look to previous generations for wisdom and guidance in everything from homemaking, to marriage, to child-rearing! Looking back helps me look forward and know that in this crazy mom-life, I'm never alone... and neither are you!
Mom's Guide to the Smoky Mountain Airshow

Mom’s Guide to the Smoky Mountain Airshow

Here's our August 2022 updated tips for the Smoky Mountain Airshow coming in September 10th and 11th 2022. You can check out the airshow parking map and the event map below. {Also see our...
Raising Kids in a Zombie Apocalypse

Raising Kids In A Zombie Apocalypse

No one told me I’d be raising my kids in a zombie apocalypse. I mean, I planned for a lot of things, but not for this. I was ready to be a mom. I had...
Coffee Shops

I Miss Coffee Shops

I miss long, leisurely afternoons of smooth jazz and humming espresso machines. A stack of stories. A spiral-bound notebook. The perfect pen. And all the time in the world. I miss scones and spinach quiche...

Find Your Child’s Perfect Match with GoPeer Tutoring!

With strange times gradually moving into the rearview mirror, many families are realizing that the show must go on. Households must still be managed, activities and academics must still be balanced, all while maintaining...
Autumn in Anakeesta

Enjoy Autumn at Anakeesta

There's magic in the mountains... And they're not wrong! With cooler weather upon us, Anakeesta is the perfect place to enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors of Autumn with your family. Check out our Flash Giveaway...
Ode to Summer

Mom’s Ode to Summer

Oh, summer! How I love to hate you. I love your long lazy days and warm starlit nights. Except when we're frantically running from sports to camps to playdates to "memory making" in such a frenzy...and...
Dang It, I'm Doing My Best

Dang It, I’m Doing My Best

Can we all just speak that over ourselves right now? (Minus the “but I could do this better…”) Could we just agree that we’re doing all that we can with whatever hand we’ve been...