Date Night In KnoxVegas


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Ladies, do you remember the days when you absolutely couldn’t wait for an evening out with your guy?!  If you’re like me, the details of the night didn’t really matter, it was his company you were mostly interested in!  You had the ‘who’ secured, so the “what, where and why” were irrelevant; it was the “WHEN” that mattered most!

Date Night In KnoxVegas

Is your Date Night still surviving and thriving, or have you found since having kids that the ‘dating scene’ isn’t quite what it used to be?!  Are you in a place where you’re passing in the halls, you heading in one direction and he in another?  Are you in the throws of infancy’s sleepless nights and find yourself ready for bed at 8pm?  Do you happen to be confined to conflicting work schedules, too-tight of a budget or the oh-so-common rut of routine?

Here are a few, what we hope to be helpful, tips to freshen up ‘Date Night,’ as well as a few links to local and area venues and attractions!

Fun Tips to Try

Stay Away From Routine!  It may be comfortable, easy and convenient, but Date Night, like anything else, is sure to lose its luster if we do the very same thing every time we hit the town.

Make a List of Restaurants/Venues You’ve Never Been to and Choose From that List Randomly.  Step outside of the box and commit to trying new places! You may just discover a new favorite!

Make it Progressive!  Try apps, dinner and dessert at different locations. For a spin on the progressive dinner idea, consider meeting different couples for apps, dinner and desserts for a little double date fun!

Change the Time of Day You Go Out!  It doesn’t always have to an evening out! Secure that baby sitter and take advantage of different times of day!

Make a List of Activities You Both Love to do but Never get a Chance to EnjoyWho says a hike, a bike ride, an afternoon at the spa, catching a sunrise or stargazing aren’t romantic alternatives to an evening out?

Throw in Some Spontaneity!  Do something neither of you have ever done before! I don’t know about you, but ‘pre-planned’ works well for some things, but it could easily suck the life out of date night if it’s always the case.

Do Something You Used to Do Together but Never Seem to Get to These Days.  Make it like ‘old times!’

Be Sure to Consider Activities that Both of You Enjoy, but also Those Activities that Each Individual Enjoys, Even if not a Mutual Interest!  Take the time to learn more about what makes each other tick!

Do a Date Night at Home!  I know one of the most important elements of Date Night is getting OUT of the house, BUT that house might take on a totally different feel when it’s just the two of you! And that fireplace is bound to shed a new light on the scene during these upcoming colder winter months!


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What do you and your sweetie like to do when you have a date night? Share with us in the comments!



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