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The Behavioral Medicine Institute (BMI) is a group of practitioners providing evaluation and treatment of the psychological aspects of physical and stress-related disorders. BMI clinicians also treat the full range of general mental health disorders.

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BMI is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Allison Elledge to their group of clinicians. Dr. Elledge specializes in individual and family therapy for children, adolescents, and their families, as well as in psychoeducational assessment for all ages. Dr. Elledge earned her doctorate from the Clinical Child Psychology Program at the University of Kansas. Additionally, she completed the Child Clinical and Pediatric Psychology Pre-Doctoral Internship at the University of Louisville School of Medicine and Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.

AllisonDr. Elledge is currently accepting patients for individual and/or family therapy for a range of psychological, behavioral, educational, and relational difficulties. These include (but are not limited to) noncompliant and oppositional behavior, depressed mood, anxiety, sleep or eating difficulties, emotion management, attention difficulties, social skills training, and chronic pain or illness coping. Additionally, Dr. Elledge can work with families experiencing interpersonal difficulties to improve communication and cooperation. If you are currently having concerns regarding your child or teen’s behavior, mood, academic achievement, or ability to get along with others, schedule an appointment to learn more about how therapeutic services might be of help!

Q&A with Dr. Elledge:

How would you describe your approach to therapy? I focus my work around two principles. First, I strive to utilize an evidence-based approach in selecting and utilizing treatments for the therapeutic issue at hand. This means that, to the greatest extent possible, I use current research evidence to inform treatment for psychological or behavioral difficulties. That being said, I also have an appreciation for fact that families and children bring with them a set of characteristics and circumstances that makes each case unique. Thus, second, I look to tailor evidence-based therapies to the individual child or family. The most interesting part of my work is learning about a child and their family, working collaboratively with families to develop an effective treatment plan, and then finding the most helpful way to deliver that plan in order to improve a child’s mood, behavior, emotion regulation, or interpersonal relationships. And, I try to make it fun!

What led you to specialize in working with children and teens? I have always enjoyed being around children, and I am continually surprised and pleased with the ways in which their developing minds work. I love the challenge of adapting what we know to be effective therapeutic approaches to the developmental level of a child or adolescent. I also know that a child is not singular – they are part of a family unit, and, when that child is struggling, the whole unit is affected. I love that my work has the potential to not only help a child feel better, but also to help a whole family feel happier and healthier!

What motivated you to join BMI? I was looking to join a team! BMI is a multidisciplinary team with clinicians who have various backgrounds, interests, expertise, and experience. I wanted to be a part of that diversity of knowledge as I begin my professional journey here in Knoxville.

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