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2014 was the first full year of Knoxville Moms Blog and what a year it was! We’ve grown so much in every area with more page views, social media following, and selling out on almost all of our events. It truly has been a wonderful year, and we wanted to share with you our BEST content of 2014! Here’s to a bright 2015, and a look back to an amazing year!

i am tired of complaining about my children1) I Am Tired of Complaining About My Children

LET SOMEONE TELL YOU TODAY HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE. How vital you are to your family, your home, your community, your workplace, to the stranger that takes your order at a restaurant.

Let it start with us. I am tired of complaining about my children. They are friendly, smart, courteous, wise. They let people go first into an open door, and they find toys in their rooms to gift their siblings on a normal day, just because.



titus22) Are You Having More Children?

There it is. The most common question my husband and I are asked. It creeps up in the grocery line. The church pew. The playgroups. The total strangers in the Target restroom. The “are you having any more children?” inquiry. Or, in East Tennessee terms, “Y’all havin’ any more?”





3) 25 Non-Toy Gift Ideas22 non-toy gifts for kids

Our kids have so many toys. So many. Too many. We have baby toys, toddler toys, trains, cars, golf clubs, hockey sticks, crayons, dump trucks, legos, baby dolls, and on and on. And multiples of most of them. We are very fortunate and have way more than we need.





knoxville indoor activities4) Knoxville Inexpensive Indoor Fun for Kids: 2014 Edition

As a stay at home mom that rarely stays home, the colder months mean some MAJOR cabin fever around these parts. When the days of packing a picnic lunch and hitting the free parks and splash pads are gone until next year, there HAS to be some inexpensive indoor options. Guess what, mama? You have come to the right place.





Lauren and family5) Finding a New Normal

Our lives used to be pretty normal.  We are your pretty typical, average people.  We went to college, got married, worked, had a baby, all of those things people do.  We’ve had our good and bad moments, like everyone.  And both of our families have known tragedy, but generally speaking, he and I had lived pretty normal, easy lives until last year.  Once we found out that our baby was dying, our whole world changed.  Gabriel changed our lives.  But with this devastating news came a different life for us.





crock pot6) Healthy Crockpot Meals

love my crock pot!  It helps me make good food with little effort and even less time.  My mother-in-law once told me it used to be called the “working mom’s best friend.”  I’d say it’s just the mom’s cooking best friend, period.

My problem with crock pot meals is that they can often involve some unhealthy stuff.  I want the convenience of the crock pot, but I also want to serve my family a nutritious dinner.



LetthemeatCAKE7) Knoxville Birthday Party Locations

Birthdays are a big deal. Not just for your little ones, but for you too, Momma! After all, YOU brought that beautiful child of yours into this world, so why not slide an extra piece of cake onto that plate of yours? Celebrate too! Knoxville has a terrific list of venues to host your next birthday celebration, everything from farms to museums to a trampoline park.



simplelife8) 4 Simple Reasons We Chose the Simple Life

Why did we abandon living in the comfort and predictability of a residential area to 40 plus acres of land in the middle of nowhere? Sometimes I’m still not sure which north facing tree or cow pasture I am supposed to make a left turn by in order to make it home. But allow me to share with you four simple reasons we made the change for a life of less.





to the mom who hates christmas9) To the Mom Who Hates Christmas

To the mom who hates Christmas, and all through the house,

Are trees and decorations, just waiting to be put out.

The stockings are hung and the wreaths here and there,

All the while wondering, “When will December 26th get here?”

She secretly buys break and bake cookies and skips everything homemade

Then adds tons of sprinkles and calls it a day.


KMBFavesPost310) Handy, Useful, and Completely Unnecessary

I’m all about convenience. Who doesn’t love convenience? And when you add two children into the mix, the more convenient something makes life, the better. Fortunately someone somewhere has thought of many, many ways to make your life more convenient, but unfortunately, with that convenience can come a pretty penny. I also love useful things. And who doesn’t love something useful? So here I have listed five of my favorite handy and useful items that are completely unnecessary to make your life with children more convenient.


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