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Tired of dinner and a movie? Innovate your date (night) with one of these suggestions (don’t worry, I didn’t even put a single movie theater on my list). Some of these ideas are better suited for specific seasons and times, so make sure to check each place’s business hours, and *ALWAYS* check Groupon and LivingSocial for discounts. You might even find something on those sites that we haven’t found out about yet! Also, check out We Still Date for some other great ideas.

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If you are catching this full list before Valentine’s Day be sure to check out Volunteer Princess Cruises and their Valentine Starlight Dinner!

Volunteer Princess Cruises

“Our Starlight Dinner Cruise is the ultimate in romance! We welcome you aboard with Champagne and a perfect Long Stemmed Rose before showing you to your private table. Enjoy our excellent service and an assortment of passed appetizers before your four course dinner. As always, window tables and other cruise enhancements are available to make the evening exceptionally memorable!”

KMB Contributors’ Favorite Date Night Restaurants

  • “We love the speakeasy (Peter Kern Library) at the Oliver. I’m a huge literary nerd and all the drinks are named after authors or novels. Plus you sneak in through the back alley under a red light.” – Ashley G.
  • “We love Northshore Brassiere, Echo, Season’s, Emilia, Knox Mason, and J.C. Holdway.” – Natalie
  • Emilia and Knox Mason are our favorites. They both offer locally sourced foods and Emilia is very authentic (and delicious) Italian food.” – Francesca
  • We love Knox Mason because we can go grab a seat at the bar and order as we go. We get to watch them cook in the open air kitchen, talk with the bartenders about the drinks, and get a longer dinner experience. We also love to go to Peter Kern Library – the fact that it’s ‘secret’ makes it feel like you’re on vacation even if you’re not.” – Erika
  • Definitely Phoenix Pharmacy and Fountain for dessert! And we love Chez Guevera for dinner.” – Mary Beth
  • Emilia is our current fave. We like to go Five and the Oliver Royale. Sometimes you can see football recruiting at Five and my husband loves that.” – Jenny P.
  • Peter Kern Library is always a favorite. I think my husband’s favorite place is Stock and Barrel, but our very favorite place to go eat if we are going some place nice is Foothills Milling Company in Maryville. I think it is the best food in all of Knoxville or Maryville. We love to go have a drink at the bar and then have dinner. Their Moscow mules and old fashions are amazing and their food is some of the best I’ve ever had! I also love Northshore Brasserie. And for a casual date night it’s hard to beat Casual Pint and Soccer Taco!” – Ashley H.
  • We love King Tuts because the food is amazing, we share everything we order there, it’s a fun, cozy atmosphere, and the sweetest couple on the planet own it!” – Lindsay
  • I would have to go with Northshore Brasserie or Foothills Milling Company…but we’re lucky to get Bonefish or Wasabi now.” – Brooke
  • “We frequent Parkside Grill just because it’s close to our house and their pasta dishes are terrific!” – Caitland

Knoxville Date Night Ideas


South Knoxville

North Knoxville

West Knoxville

Outside Knoxville

Happy Date Night!


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