I'm a native Knoxvillian. When I'm not working full-time during the week, I'm spending quality time with my kids my wonderful husband and college sweetheart of 10 years. When I can find time for myself, I love to dig into a book or binge watch something on Netflix. And let's face it, I'm also a huge fan of shopping.
Family Campgrounds Worth Adding to Your List

Family Campgrounds Worth Adding to Your List

I had actually never been camping prior to the pandemic, and after some of our best friends took us to Fall Creek Falls (literally the week before everything shut down), we've been hooked. However,...
Knoxville Family-Friendly Daytrips

Knoxville Family-Friendly Daytrips

When you start having children, there’s no denying that the affordability of vacations goes right out the window. Not that we don’t adore our children, but vacations are a luxury we typically sacrifice as...

Favorite Parks of Knoxville

Are you stuck in a park rut? Most of us probably frequent the park closest to us because, well, you know, kids, and it's just so much more convenient than driving halfway across town...
Guide to Knoxville Pools

Guide To Knoxville Swimming Pools

Check out our Guide to Knoxville Area Pools, and happy swimming! Arnstein Jewish Community Center - Bearden | Opens May 28 Belmont West - West Knoxville/Cedar Bluff | Opens May 28 Broadacres Pool - North Knoxville/Powell |...
60+ Knoxville Summer Activities

60 Knoxville Summer Activity Ideas

The countdown is officially on! The splash pads open soon, the sun has finally given us temperatures in the 80s, and it's time to enjoy some sunshine! 60 Knoxville Summer Activity Ideas: {Check out our...
Family-Friendly Spring Break Ideas

Family-Friendly Spring Break Trip Ideas

With less than a month to go, perhaps you're looking for some fresh spring break ideas. You've loaded up the kids more times than you can count to visit Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, you've...
Knoxville Date Night Featured

Innovate Your Date Night, Knoxville

Innovate your date night with one of these suggestions! Some of these ideas are better suited for specific seasons and times, so make sure to check each place’s business hours, and *ALWAYS* check Groupon...