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It was costume day at our homeschool co-op on Monday and even the adults were dressing up. One mom in costume asked another mom who didn’t appear to be dressed up, “Where’s your costume?” She quickly responded, “I’m Supermom!” I chuckled a bit at first, but then I thought… Yes, she is! Moms are superheroes just the way they are! And they have incredible superpowers. In fact, just being a mom is a superpower power in and of itself. No matter how a woman has put on that role – carrying a little life in her tummy for 9 months, adopting, or bravely taking on the journey of fostering a child, her first superpower lies in simply being a mom. Here are other superpowers that you as a mother possess…

The Ability to Function on Very Little Sleep

The baby was up all night, the toddler was sick, or maybe it was a late night finishing the tutu for your daughter’s dance recital. Whatever kept you up, somehow you still have the amazing ability to conquer the day ahead of you. A nap would be nice though. Right?

Multitasking Momma

You can cook dinner, help your child with schoolwork, pay the bills, and feed the baby ALL AT THE SAME TIME. You are amazing at doing multiple things at once! And let’s face it, ladies, most dads just can’t multitask like that.

Enhanced Tracking Powers

The playground is packed. There are kids and noises everywhere, but you have the amazing ability to keep track of your kiddo in the midst of playtime pandemonium. You also find yourself being able to pick out their cry or voice from all the rest.

Healing Kisses

After becoming a mother, your kisses suddenly developed healing powers. Bumps and bruises are instantly better with just one kiss. And how could you resist kissing that little forehead when it’s been bumped or your child’s sweet sobs for a kiss to make it better? Band-aids seem to have a similar effect, but it is your kisses that are supernatural.

Ever Equipped

Speaking of band-aids, you always come prepared with them. Band-aids, snacks, baby wipes, toys, blankets, extra shoes… Whatever the occasion calls for, you are prepared and ready.

“The Look”

You possess “the look.” You know, the one that stops the misbehaving child in their tracks and causes them to suddenly rethink their poor choices. You’ve got it, and it’s a very effective superpower.

Super Strength

You’ve carried it all: babies, carriers, strollers, bags, kids, groceries, backpacks, gear for sports, and more! Sometimes you’re even juggling it all in one armload. These are the times when you find yourself wishing one of your superpowers was another set of arms. Maybe it already is though.

Knowledge of Nonsensical Languages

Whether its the babble of a baby, tumultuous cries of a toddler, or the new lingo that the tweens and teens are coming up with these days, you can understand the various languages that come with each new stage of childhood.

Powerful Protector

You have been blessed with the awesome responsibility of caring for another life, and you don’t take that job lightly. Who else could possibly be a better protector, caretaker, and advocate for your child?

Supersonic Speed

Do you remember how long it took you to get ready before becoming a mother? I bet the process is a lot quicker now that you are squeezing those showers in before the kids wake up. You have a pace that allows you to shower, get dressed, apply make-up (or not) and prepare for the day ahead in a single bound. Don’t forget about how fast you are when the toddler picks up that breakable item too. Mom to the rescue! Speed just comes with the territory of being a mother.

Infinite Love

This is your greatest power. A mother’s love for her children is one of life’s miracles. When you become a mother, you finally understand your own mother’s love for you. It’s a fierce, impossible love!

Rise, Mother, Repeat!

The tough mommy days come. Being a mom is a hard job. It is also one of the most rewarding jobs, and you have the ability to get up each day and do it all over again.

To the moms reading this: if you are looking for the elusive supermom, you need only look as far as your own reflection! You have abilities and powers to be this amazing mom each and every day. Never forget that – especially on those hard days when you feel your powers failing. Momma, you’re a super mom and that makes you SUPERMOM!

What do you consider to be your greatest superpower as a mom? We’d love to hear from you!


  1. Great post, Jennifer! The other day my husband was cooking dinner and I asked him if he would also feed the baby and he looked at me like I was crazy. I said, “um I always have to put Jake in the highchair and feed him while cooking in between bites!”

  2. I agree, moms are superheroes, but this reminded me of a time I had to admit that I couldn’t do it all. Not long after the birth of my 7th child, I posted this on my refrigerator: HELP! Supermom can’t do it all. Now hiring laundry help. I interviewed my 2 oldest (daughters), 10 + 12 years old at the time and hired them to help me. Mostly they did laundry, but while the machines were running I had them do other little jobs. This probably only lasted a couple months, but really helped. Not long after this they started doing their own laundry and the boys followed suit as they got older. So, supermoms, just because you might need a little help occasionally, doesn’t mean you lose your super powers. πŸ™‚


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