Pumpkin Pinspiration


Pumpkin PinspirationCall me a Halloween Scrooge but I HATE carving pumpkins. It is probably due to the fact that I am completely horrible at pumpkin carving but there are other issues involved as well. First of all, you have to be patient (I am not). Second of all, you have to be good with a knife (I am not – just ask all the scars on my fingers). Lastly, you have to be okay with pumpkin guts (I AM NOT). When Pinterest was born, I realized there were copious amounts of ideas for pumpkins that did not involve carving them! I scoured hundreds of pins and I was inspired to create three different pumpkins. The best part is that these options are not just for Halloween – you can keep your pumpkins out well into November!


It is no secret that my blood runs orange. So, my first two projects were football related! For the Power T design, I just Googled an image of a Power T, printed it off, cut it out, and used it as a stencil. I traced the outside with a pencil then filled it in with white paint.



The second football-inspired pumpkin is a…FOOTBALL! I topped this one with some pumpkin burlap ribbon but it would be really cute to find some ribbon in your favorite football team colors to decorate the stem. I had to do several coats of brown and it still didn’t cover it completely but I just gave up because…no patience.


For my final pumpkin – two words: chalkboard paint. Basically you can make anything look trendy if you slap a little chalkboard paint on it! I love the versatility of this pumpkin. You can use it as a Halloween countdown, Thanksgiving countdown, or you could have a “thankful” pumpkin and have everyone write what they are thankful for. This one would look great on a porch or as a dinner table centerpiece! I applied two coats of the spray paint and let it dry outside for a couple of hours.


Check out the Knoxville Moms Blog Fall & Halloween Crafts board over on Pinterest for more pumpkin decorating ideas!

Do you have a favorite Pinterest pumpkin pinspiration?

We’d love to hear how you decorate your pumpkin!



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