How to Start Homeschooling

Have you entertained the idea of homeschooling your children? For many parents, it seems more like a vague theory that a viable possibility, and they find themselves feeling like this... "I love the idea of homeschooling my...
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Book Suggestions for Kids of All Ages

Are you looking for book suggestions for you kids? Below you'll find over 100 options! There are timeless classics, daring adventure stories, inspiring tales, and newer selections that are all widely popular. Many of...

12 Tips For Encouraging Your Child to Read This Summer

During my years as a public schoolteacher, there were two questions that parents repeatedly asked. Well, there were lots, but I'm just going to address two of the most common. "What can we work on during...

Ideas for Making a Summer Bucket of Fun List and a FREE Printable

With summer right around the corner, there's no time like the present to start planning a season filled with fun! I use the word plan in the loosest sense of the word. Summer should be delightful...

Summer Bucket of Fun List

There's no excuse for the kids to be bored here in Knoxville this summer. Our city has a vast array of activities to keep children of all ages busy all summer long! If you...
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Four Kid-Made Fresh Fruit Snacks

Do your kids love to help you out in the kitchen? Directly involving kids in kitchen tasks carries so many benefits. As you're preparing meals and snacks together, you're also creating memories, teaching them how...

Classes and Activities for Knoxville’s Home School Students

As the school year comes to a close, visions of beach vacations and outdoor activities are dancing in students' heads. However many home school parents are already preparing for next year by selecting curriculum,...