Ideas for Making a Summer Bucket of Fun List and a FREE Printable


ideas for making a summer bucket of fun list

With summer right around the corner, there’s no time like the present to start planning a season filled with fun! I use the word plan in the loosest sense of the word. Summer should be delightful and carefree. For many, a summer bucket list or as I like to call it, “A Summer Bucket of Fun List,” just feels like one more daunting to-do list that will never have everything crossed off. It’s not about adding one more to-do list to the mix or fitting it all in though. It’s about seeking input from all members of the family on what they’d like to do during the hottest season of the year and putting together a collection of ideas.

Run through the sprinklers!

Pick blackberries.

Visit the zoo!

Let’s look at it as more of a list of suggestions. And just like the items on the list, the list itself should be fun-filled and simple. Here are 12 creative ideas for making a Bucket of Fun List for all of your family’s summer plans

journal summer bucket list

1. Summer Journal: write a different summer activity on each page of a journal or notebook. As the activities are completed, have your child write about their experiences and even draw a picture to go along with their journaling.

washi sticks in bucket

2. Washi Tape Activity Sticks: place small strips of Washi tape on the tops of popsicle sticks. Use the lower portions of the sticks to write down your summer activities. You can even use a system where a different pattern of tape is designated for each type of activity. When a stick is chosen at random from a pail or bucket, you’ll be able to select an appropriate activity for the day.

3. Chalkboard: one of the simplest ways to make a summer list is to simply write the activities across a chalkboard like this momma does. This happens to be my favorite idea. Our seasonal lists have taken over the chalkboard in our home school room this year.

4. Summer Scrapbook: this idea is similar to the Summer Journal idea listed above. Designate each page of a scrapbook to a different activity from your summer list. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures. Once an activity is completed, fill that page with photos from your adventure.

5. Envelope System: use envelopes and place strips of paper inside each one filled with the things each person wants to do during the summer season.

painted sticks in a jar

6. Jar with Painted Sticks: this is one the kids will love! Dip the tips of popsicle sticks in paint. Let the paint dry. Write an activity you wish to do during the summer on the bottom of each stick. You can even color code them according to the type of activity written on each one. Place all of the sticks in a jar and pull one out when you are trying to decide what adventures that day should hold.

7. Magnets: make magnets with summer activities listed on them. Paper or wooden pieces with magnet backs glued to them are all you need to try this idea.

8. Paper Chain: write down your summer activities on strips of paper. Piece the strips together into a long chain. Tear off the links as you complete each activity.

9. Sticky Notes List: write each activity from your summer list on a sticky note. Cover the refrigerator or a wall in the notes and pull each one down as you complete it. Save the ones you don’t get to for next year.

summer bucket list clothesline

10. Clothespin & Paper Garland: try hanging your Summer Bucket List of Fun! Make your list on folded pieces of paper. Hang each activity with a clothespin along a piece of twine.

11. Bucket of Fun: it doesn’t get much simpler than this idea. Write the summer activities your family wants to do on pieces of paper. Stick the pieces inside a small pail or bucket. Draw them out randomly or read and pick from the pile.

12. Coloring Page List: have the kids do a pencil drawing of each summer activity they’d like to do. They can color in each picture as they complete the activity.

summer bucket list of fun printable

13. Printable: I saved the best for last! Here’s a printable filled with activities to try this summer. Save the image, print it, and put it on display. Have fun doing and crossing activities off the list!

Need a few more ideas? Be sure to visit our list of 100+ Summer Activities for Kids in Knoxville!

What activities are you filling your bucket with this summer? We’d love to hear about them! Happy summer!


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