Four Kid-Made Fresh Fruit Snacks


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Do your kids love to help you out in the kitchen? Directly involving kids in kitchen tasks carries so many benefits. As you’re preparing meals and snacks together, you’re also creating memories, teaching them how to work as a team, and passing along valuable life skills.

Here are four kid-made fresh fruit snack ideas that are perfect to try together! Your kids will love whipping up these healthy, fruity snacks with you. And you will all love eating the end results! Grab some fresh fruit and get ready for a fun, fruit-filled snack time!

Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

The kids can eat all the colors of the rainbow with this easy snack idea.

What you’ll need: wooden skewers, fresh fruit in each color of the rainbow.

Adult prep for younger children: prepare a plate of fresh fruit by washing, cutting, and peeling the fruit.

Kids: make sure that all of the colors of the rainbow are present in your mix — from red strawberries to purple grapes. Skewer pieces of fruit onto wooden skewers. You can even put them in order of the colors of a rainbow! Eat and enjoy!

fresh fruit plate

rainbow fruit kabobs

Frozen Grapes

It’s a new twist on grapes! These are so simple to prepare but surprisingly refreshing and delicious.

What you’ll need: grapes, cup, freezer.

Kids: grab a cup and place some grapes inside. Place the cup of grapes in the freezer for a few hours. Pull them from the freezer and enjoy your tasty frozen treat!

frozen grapes

Mini Fruit Face Pizzas

Here’s an easy way to prepare fruit pizza!

What you’ll need: fresh fruit, pre-made cookie dough, baking sheet, oven, spoon, whipped cream cheese.

Adult prep for younger children: use pre-made cookie dough to bake a few cookies with the kids. We used chocolate chip cookie dough but sugar cookie dough is another great option. While the cookies are baking, cut up a variety of fruit toppings and set out some whipped cream cheese.

cutting fresh fruit

Kids: use a spoon to spread whipped cream cheese onto one of the freshly baked cookies. Add your fruit toppings. See if you can use various pieces to make a silly face. This fun dessert is sure to bring giggles and smiles!

mini fruit face pizzas

Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

Yogurt parfaits always make a delicious treat, and they’re simple enough for kids to prepare on their own.

What you’ll need: yogurt (if your child has a milk or soy allergy, you can use yogurt made from coconut or almond milk.), fresh fruit, spoon, bowl, granola.

Adult prep for younger children: wash and cut pieces of fresh fruit. Help your child gather the necessary ingredients.

Kids: spoon some yogurt into the bottom of your bowl. Add a layer of fresh fruit followed by a second layer of yogurt. Finish it off by sprinkling a generous amount of granola on top. Enjoy!

fruit yogurt parfaits kmb

All of these are great ways to get the kids involved in the kitchen! Take it a step further by getting them involved in purchasing and maybe even picking the fruit for these snack ideas by visiting one of Knoxville’s Farmers’ Markets or Pick-Your-Own Farms. Are you still looking for more fresh fruit ideas? Check out these delicious snacks!

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Do you and your child have a fresh fruit snack that you enjoy making together? What is it? We’d love to hear about it! Happy snacking!


  1. Yeah it is really a kiddie snack which is a very good idea for us…..Thanks to the one who made this..Sounds tasty.

    Last day I too make a kiddie snack which is rich in its taste but healthy too…Had during my tea time…It was very nastic taste.


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