Sweet Summer Strawberry Lemonade


Up until a few years ago, I was always a boxed lemonade type of girl. I don’t think I’d ever even tried homemade lemonade before! Is that possible? I guess so… Anyway, one summer I went on a health kick and refused to go to the grocery store and bought almost every food item from a local farm or mom and pop store. That forced me to learn how to make everything from scratch. I was a little crazy back then, but I definitely picked up some useful life skills. Like making lemonade!

There’s just something about lemonade that screams summer. Add some fresh strawberries in there and you might not ever drink just the lemon stuff again. This recipe is delicious! And now it’s all yours. You’re welcome.

strawberry lemonade.jpg

Sweet Summer Strawberry Lemonade

1 quart of fresh strawberries
4-5 lemons juiced
1 cup of sugar (I like to melt my sugar with a little hot water first)
4 cups of cold water

Blend it all together and voilà! You are done. It’s amazing. You can sub sugar for honey if you’re feeling healthy and if you’re picking fresh berries this season, blueberry lemonade is fantastic! (Same recipe, just replace the strawberries with blueberries!) The Fruit and Berry patch has blueberries available for picking right now and they are so so sweet! A few of us contributors took our crew of children to pick berries on a super hot day. We had a blast! It was a hot, sticky, blueberry, peachy kind of day.

What’s your favorite lemonade recipe?



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