Ditching The Diaper Bag


Ditching The Diaper BagBefore our son was born, I spent more time than I’d like to admit researching what to keep in the diaper bag. Every pocket and pouch was stuffed with diapers, wipes, extra clothes, pacis, etc. Half of the things in the bag were never even used, but as a mom (especially a first timer), we all know you can never be too prepared. The older my son gets, the less I feel the need to take the backpack with us when we’re out and about.

I also hated transitioning the items I needed from my purse to the backpack and vice versa, so here’s what I did to finally ditch the diaper bag:

Purse Pouches

I carry a large tote-style purse day-to-day that also serves as my work bag. Because I have room in my everyday purse, I knew I could condense my son’s essentials into a pouch that I could toss in my purse. His pouch has a spare diaper, wipes, an individual-size bag of yogurt melts, and Boogie Wipes (hello, East TN allergies!). This solution has been very helpful when we head out to run errands together. I can just grab it, toss it in my purse, and we’re out the door!

I knew if I could organize his things this way, then I could do it for myself too. I have now organized my personal items in my purse into two pouches. The first is my wristlet that has my keys, wallet, favorite lip gloss, gum, hand sanitizer, and room for my phone. The second zipper pouch contains all of my day-to-day essentials: headache medicine, band aids, ponytail holders, clippers, stain removing wipes, etc. This has helped eliminate the clutter in my purse, which was an unintended benefit to switching to this system!

Ditching the Diaper Bag

Car Organizer

I have had a fabric caddy-style organizer in my car since my son was born. This has been a lifesaver on road trips, and I knew that it would help eliminate the need to always have the diaper bag on hand, so I added a second one to the trunk! The one in the back seat contains books, toys, extra wipes, snacks, etc. – things we could get to quickly as needed. The one in the trunk organizes extra diapers, a change of clothes, first aid kit, etc. – things we could pull over and have access to if need be.

We still have the backpack for longer outings or for my husband to tote around as needed, but condensing everything down has worked for us. While this system of organizing may not be new to everyone, it has been the easiest transition for us. I feel more organized now that I can grab my son’s pouch and throw it into my purse, rather than shuffling things around between bags every time we venture out.

I’m excited to try this system out in the pool bag this summer!

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