The Perfect Shoe for Mom: Mox Shoes {Review}


The Perfect Shoe for Mom: Mox Shoes
Joining the Knoxville Moms Blog has opened my eyes to lots of new things, but one of the best is Mox Shoes! The KMB ladies rave about these shoes and now I know why! 

Though it may not always seem like it, moms do want to be stylish! Our lifestyle forces us to be versatile and comfortable most of the time though. I hate to say it but, since having my daughter, I choose the cute high heel shoes a lot less often opting for the more flexible clothing items instead. With motherhood comes choices like minivans, “mom haircuts,” and stretchy jeans…you know, whatever makes our lives easier! 

I received a pair of Mox Shoes in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own, and I truly love Mox Shoes!

Mox’s tagline is “Mox Shoes are a comfortable, stylish rubber ballet flat; a great alternative to flip-flops.”

With Mox Shoes we get style and convenience! Though they have 15 colors from which to choose, when I took the plunge into the Mox world, I went pretty basic with black and latte, so that they would match most things in my closet. It was a perfect gateway into these unique, rubber ballet flats. This fall, Mox released two new colors: cotton candy and royal. To brighten up my closet and add a pop of color to my Mox collection, they sent me cotton candy!


Um, swoon. They’re the perfect pink! I’m not sure who is more obsessed — my girly-girl daughter or me! 

Because I like lists, let’s make a list of all of the great things about these shoes. They are:

  1. Comfortable

  2. Cute and practical

  3. Versatile

  4. Convenient

  5. Lightweight

  6. Easy to clean

  7. Durable

I’ve worn my Mox to work a consignment sale on hard concrete floor with no pain! I only packed Mox shoes on my most recent beach vacation; I had fewer shoes with me than my toddler or husband! I throw these shoes on every week before we run out of the house for dance class or when I need to make a quick trip to the grocery store. I’m just as scatterbrained as I’ve always been, but now my shoes aren’t giving me away! They fit perfectly and they stay with me as I chase my kiddo through the house to put pants on. After a few wears, they really mold to your feet making them super comfy! Cleaning them is as simple as running water over them, but I’ve seen many people wash them in their dishwasher! I haven’t needed a deep clean like that yet, but I’m looking forward to trying it out!


The Mox Shoes sizing guide is European, but they have a sizing chart that it super handy. They have youth to adult sizes, starting around youth size 2.5. There are no toddler sizes, but that’s okay; my daughter likes to wear my Mox shoes around the house! She thinks Mox are the best shoes and is always complimenting mine or asking to wear them. Seriously, she might love them more than I do. I can’t wait until she’s big enough to get her own pair! Until then, I’ve had to satisfy her with some traditional ole jelly shoes. They’re just not the same! 


Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention: despite coming from Australia, these ship FAST! I’m always super impressed with how quickly they come. It’s a happy surprise as I love good mail days. The shipping is a $5 flat rate to the US or FREE when you order three or more pairs! Plus, if for any reason you are unhappy (you won’t be!), they have free returns on all orders!


So, for what are you waiting? My next pair is going to be ruby! What color are you going to get? 


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