Gift Guide For Moms 2022


Gift Guide For Moms 2022What do moms want this year? The age-old request for a silent night will always ring true. But if a two-night stay anywhere by herself isn’t in the cards, and you’re looking for a gift that can be wrapped and placed under the tree, we have some recommendations that will make the Wonder Woman in your life happy. 

1. Mini and Ultra Mini UGGs

These are a popular item this year and go great with those comfy yoga pants and oversized sweaters! If you can’t catch these in stock, UGG slippers are a great option too! 

2. Hydrojug

Chasing littles or running them to events takes energy and a great way to keep your energy up is staying hydrated! 

3. Coffee…makers, gift cards, all of it

Did someone mention energy? If you can’t make it, you can’t cultivate some fabricated energy with caffeine! Some popular items this year are the Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine but if that’s not in the budget, a Starbucks gift card will be just fine! There’s also an opportunity to support local coffee shops like K Brew and Honeybee Coffee Co. Another item I’ve heard mentioned a few times is a milk frother, and this Keurig has both! 

4. Spa anything 

A massage, pedicures, and manicures are all great gifts that can be used when mom needs them most! Other popular options are certificates for Botox and fillers. Not to mention a gift card to her favorite hair salon. It’s easy to support local shops like PharmHouse Knox, and a personal favorite, Wake Foot Sanctuary, with these gifts, too! 

5. Rare Beauty Blush and Drunk Elephant Bronzing Drops

Any beauty item that is quick and easy to use is a must-have for moms, but these are two super hot items this year and everyone is raving about them! 

6. Amazon and Audible gift cards

We all know that Amazon boxes stack the porches of the moms who don’t have the opportunity to get out and shop, or who have spent one too many nights up with a baby that isn’t sleeping. Couple that with an Audible gift card so she can maybe finish a book at the same time (because have you tried reading a book with little ones? You have to choose sleeping or reading time!) and you have a win-win.

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive, and there will always be a thoughtful gift for the lady that you know best. If you’re struggling with ideas, we hope this quick list gives some ideas of a way to make her feel loved.

Moms, what else is on your Christmas list this year?


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