Make A Splash With Our Favorite Knoxville Moms Swimwear


Make A Splash With Our Favorite Knoxville Moms SwimwearAs mamas, we ask so much from our bathing suits. We want to look and feel strong, sexy, supported, lifted, tucked, and smoothed. (Bonus if it allows you to do cartwheels while breastfeeding on the beach.) The reality is that there is no such thing as the sisterhood-of-the-traveling-swimsuit, but we still want it all. So we asked several confident and body-positive Knoxville women to ‘bare it all’ and share their mama-tested and approved go-to swimwear! Who knows? Perhaps this will be the year you enter that canon-ball contest. (Go ahead, we promise we won’t tell.) Remember, every mama-body is a swimsuit body!

What are you searching for when it comes to the perfect swimsuit this summer? Coverage? Movability? Versatility? Maternity? Knoxville Moms has you covered!


Where to find: Andie 

Why we love: This suit is amazing for moving (and jumping), but simply adding heels and shorts takes you from swim to brunch in no time! Bonus: The button detailing along the chest makes it a perfect suit for breastfeeding on the beach. Pictured is the Malibu suit in a long-torso.


Where to find: Maacie 

Why we love: This is a great maternity suit that’s both comfortable and supportive. This mama admitted that she loved the army green pictured here so much, that she went back to purchase the coral color too!


Where to find: Iffei (left) / Cupshe (right)

Why we love: This mama is a huge fan of mommy-and-me suits because she is a mother of three boys, so it’s fun for her to play dress up whenever she can. Iffei has precious options for both swimwear and clothing (so you can match your littles on land and sea)! The suit on the right is a favorite because you breastfeed and snooze on the beach without falling out of your top, all while looking good doing it! The lace detailing is a must.


Where to find: Target

Why we love: Both of these suits are from Target, which is this mama’s go-to for swimwear (primarily because they have mix-and-match sizes across most of the brands they carry). The drawstring detailing on the one-piece allows you to custom fit for your torso length! Perhaps you have a little less ‘junk in your trunk’ than average, but rock a fuller top-half? Mix-and-match at Target time!


Where to find: Macy’s

Why we love: We love the crochet detailing for poolside lounging, adding just the right amount of detailing to elevate the classic halter. The neckline makes it easy to get comfy without worrying too much about something falling out. This mama also highly recommends the Spanx swim line as a runner up.

Active Two-Piece

Where to find: Carve Designs

Why we love: One word: Reversible! What busy mom doesn’t love a good two-for-one when it comes to a swimsuit…especially when combating minimal space in the family suitcase?

Fashion One-Piece

Where to find: Kenneth Cole (via Swim Outlet)

Why we love: A well-made suit with detailing accentuating all the right places. Bonus: You can always find their suits on sale! This mama paid $25 for this snake-skin suit (originally retailing around $225).

Multi-PatternWhere to find: The Seea

Why we love: This women-led, women-run sustainable swimsuit line was originally designed by surfers for surfers, but has recently gained a following outside the sport. Boasting multiple patterns and unique details, this is a favorite go-to brand for this stylish mama.

Rash GuardWhere to find: Mott50

Why we love: We love the sun…but hate sun damage, pre-mature aging, and skin cancer. For that reason we love Mott50 suits, as most of their swimwear boast UPF50+ protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Bonus: You’re entire family can look adorable wearing them together — most Mott50 patterns come in women, men and kid sizes.

Swim Dress

Where to find: Belk

Why we love: This mama is always on the hunt for the elusive swimsuit; one that is comfortable, thinning, and tans in all the right places. She’s tested them all and this is her favorite by far! If you’re the kind of mama who clings to swim-skirts and swim-dresses like they’re going out of style, let us assure you: they’ll never go out of style and this one in particular delivers!

What is your favorite place to find swimwear? Leave a comment below to let us know!



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