The Preschool Graduate


The Preschool Graduate Sweet Graduate,

I know you are only five, but you are a force. Your personality is electric, your smile is contagious and your wit is unmatched. As you start to navigate elementary school and life, there are a few lessons I want you to keep in mind.

Time creeps by as you wish you stood a little taller and could run a little faster, but sweet girl, your time will come. You’ll soon be tall enough for all the roller coasters and your running shoes won’t be bought in the toddler section. Time can be a thief, but only if you don’t slow down and enjoy the ride. Laugh until your belly hurts. Take the trips. Sing the songs and dance your heart out.

Love your friends. Find the friends that bring light into your life and walk away from those that don’t. Life is way too short to have bad friends. Quality over quantity, always. When you find your crew, love them well.

Don’t let jealousy creep in. Someone will always have something nicer, better, bigger. It’s a never-ending cycle that only makes you feel sad. Cherish what you have, not what you don’t.

Focus on your studies. Never stop learning. Knowledge is power.

Push yourself, but know your limits. Rest when you need it.

Always brush your teeth and take a shower. Please. But really, promise me.

You are allowed to say no. No to plans, no to boys, no to friends. Don’t ever feel ashamed for saying no. You are in control of your life, live it on your terms.

Stand up for your beliefs, your people and yourself. Be a cheerleader for your friends and yourself. Be there when they need it.

Ask for help. You will most certainly need it at some point.

Don’t be afraid of failure. No matter how smart you are, no matter how talented you are, you will fail. Failure isn’t bad. Failure gives you the motivation to keep trying, to get better, to grow as a person. A room full of first place trophies won’t give you the happiness you think it will, but having the mental strength to persevere will be a life skill for years to come.

If a boy pushes you down on the playground, steals your swing or chases you around, run girl. Find the guy who doesn’t have to show off to get your attention. On that note, marry the nerdy guy. But, that will be a story for another day down the road.

You’ll make mistakes, so be sure to learn from them.

Always know that your family is your one constant. Your friends will come and go, but you’re stuck with us forever. But, the good news is that we will always have your back, be a listening ear and have a shoulder to cry on.

The future is yours, sweet girl. I am so proud of you and I love watching you grow. The best thing about childhood is that you have your whole life waiting for you, so eat the snacks, play the games, love with all your heart, laugh ’til it hurts.




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