Five Easy Houseplants to Grow

Five Easy Houseplants to Grow
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Every space needs something green to make it feel alive. I love using real plants and flowers when designing a space.

Here are a few favorites that even the most brown thumb grower can grow:

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  • Snake Plant. This easy succulent plant seems almost indestructible. It’s one of those plants that needs little attention and really could just be forgotten. It has a great shape and grows vertically. This is a pretty plant for small spaces and bedrooms. It’s easy to find at several places too.
  • Pothos Plant. This low-maintenance houseplant is not fussy about how much light it gets (needs a little) and if you forget to water it, it will rebound when you give it a drink. There are several beautiful varieties; my favorite has variegated leaves. This is a trailing plant and looks pretty on mantles and on tables.
  • Jade Plant. This succulent does well forgotten for weeks and months at a time. The leaves have a pretty shape and it stores everything it needs in the fleshy stems and leaves. If you can keep a cactus alive, then this plant is for you. Jade looks pretty mixed with other succulents or on its own in a pretty pot. Use gravel to help with drainage in the base of the pot.
  • Bird’s-nest Fern. This is a personal favorite! This beautiful plant likes indirect light and to be watered away from its center. It’s known for its pretty wavy leaves. I picked one up this summer at a local nursery for my back porch and it’s been really happy there. It does like good drainage and to be watered every couple of days. I love it because of all the texture it adds to the space. Perfect for accent tables and centerpieces.

    {Image via Pinterest}
  • Aloe Plant. This pretty plant does double duty as beautiful to look at and wonderful for scrapes, cuts and burns. The aloe plant likes to have its feet dry and will turn brown when overwatered. This vertical plant is great for desks, consoles and small spaces.

Houseplants are such a fun hobby to try! What’s your fave houseplant and local place to shop for one?


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