How To Create A Signature Style With Sustainable Design

How To Create A Signature Style With Sustainable Design
Dresser by The Back Porch Mercantile for Stevens Custom Homes.

With production delays and freight increases in furniture and home decor in the past two years, we had to become more thoughtful on our choices. No one wanted to wait for a year to receive a piece of furniture! Vintage and antique pieces have gained popularity due to their well made construction and immediate availability. It has also brought a new interest to sustainable design. Similar to “fast fashion,” furniture is being thrown away at a rate of 12 million tons a year according to The New York Times. In addition, skipping the manufacturing, shipping and packaging is a greener practice. 

What are some sustainable design practices that can create a signature style?

Flea market trip to Paris. I picked up some pottery, book pages and postcards to take back home. Vintage is always a good souvenir.

Source vintage and antique. Vintage pieces as a rule are made better and have a higher quality than new pieces. Their well worn surfaces give character and richness for a one of a kind look that is unique to your space. 

This painted dresser was used as an entry piece. Rethink the usual use of items in a creative way.

Consider using what you have in a new way. Move it to a new space in your home. Try giving it a fresh coat of paint or stain.  Shop local for unique and handmade goods,Shop local from local makers and shops. Shopping local helps your community because your dollar stays local. Local makers are also interested in finding the unique for you!

Sustainable style can help you create a space that’s unique to you and has a timeless appeal. Be sure to check a wide range of sources for vintage and antique pieces. It’s always exciting when you find the perfect piece!


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