Women Divided Against Each Other Cannot Stand


Women Divided Against Each Other Cannot StandWomen are amazing. We are seekers of everything wonderful. We want everything to be just perfect, from the temperature in our newborn baby’s room, to the color and length of the curtains in the living room. 

We are both nurturing and fierce. We can nurse a newborn with tenderness, and then turn around and defend them with every beat of our heart. We are beautiful and strong, we are humble and wise, and we are witty and resourceful. We can multitask, make a dump look like the Marriott in a matter of hours, and make a home that is both peaceful and centered around love and respect.

Women are incredible. Can I get an amen?

Here’s the unfortunate part: In a time when women should be coming together, and rallying for love and change for OUR children, we are more divided than ever. If you don’t believe me, visit the comment section of any parenting article on Facebook. We are constantly dividing ourselves based on medical choices, parenting styles, parenting choices, lifestyle choices, personality traits, and preferences. I like to think I’m fairly self-aware, but sometimes even I get caught up in the pettiest things.

Sometimes, life gets too busy and we forget about our common ground.

We’re divided on formula versus breast milk, working outside the home versus working at home, homeschooling versus private school versus public school — and that’s only in the parenting world. We cut each other down in the workplace, whether it’s indirect or outright. We compare, make judgments, and figure out where we fit in the world of women. We look at women that we consider “less than” and we trash talk.  

It’s time to stop. Women have a common ground and it is deeper than we can fully comprehend.

Our common ground? The future. Our children are the future. We are the mothers and teachers of the future. Let that sink in. We are raising the future. Let’s do it together with wisdom, in unity, in peace, in kindness, and in love. 

Let me get personal here. There are people in my life — other women, who are supposed to be my support, supposed to be on my side — who try to tear me down behind my back. They think I don’t know, but I do. I know I’m not the only one. Women, why are we doing this to each other? When was the last time you told someone, “Hey, I think you’re a great mom!” or “You’re an awesome friend/teacher/person and I love the way you _____”? 

Ladies, celebrate the success of others instead of sharing screenshots and eye rolls. 


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