Five Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before Selecting the Perfect Preschool Program


Are you considering enrolling your child in a Preschool? If so, you need to know that not all Preschools are the same and the benefits of a Performing Arts Preschool Programs are incredible.

It is important that parents choose carefully and wisely since this is a vital age for the development of young minds. To help you in your selection, Angela Floyd School for Dance and Music has prepared these “Five Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before Choosing a Preschool Performing Arts Program.”

Preschool activities for children are abundant and selecting one that is appropriate and a good fit for your child can be difficult. You want to be certain the activity is an educational and exciting one that will bring your child delightful memories and experiences for years to come.

So how do you choose? What questions should you ask? And when you ask the right questions, what answers should you be looking for?

  • What should I look for in a preschool program?

If you want something your child will love, give them the arts. Preschools are great, they all are about the same, but when it comes to a Performing Arts Program there is a difference. Your child won’t be playing with a plastic kitchen sink after story time; at AFS they will be engaged in dance, music, art, acrobatics, etc., and learning to be a leader and gaining confidence on stage that will carry over into the classroom.

  • How do I know I will receive quality instruction?

It is always important to make sure that your childʼs instructors are qualified. Look for someone who has professional dance/music training, holds a degree in dance/music, education or a related field from an accredited college or university, or has a quality professional background.

Head Instructor: Miss Carolyn Becker received her education at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and a 3.83 GPA. She also attended the National Dance Institute Teaching Artists Training Program in 2013 on a full scholarship. She has an extensive background in music performance and is a private instructor of both piano and flute. Before coming to AFS she was on tour with Sesame Street and Paw Patrol and also is certified to teach our Arts for the Amazing Program that gives students of all abilities the chance to dance.

  • Ask about the annual performance.

An end-of-the year performance is important! It gives a dancer/musician valuable stage experience as well as the opportunity to use what they have learned during the year. Dance and music are, after all, performing arts! The year-end performance should be designed to complement your childʼs classroom training — not replace it.

  • What should I look for in a dance facility?

A quality facility will provide a clean, neat, and safe environment and offer amenities such as a comfortable waiting area, full-length mirrors, sturdy ballet barres, adequate restrooms, and changing rooms. The single most important thing you should consider about a facility is the type of floor that is used. One of the best ways to enjoy dance safely is to select a school with floating floors, which are specially designed to reduce fatigue and prevent injuries.

  • Ask about customer service and assistance.

Angela Floyd Schools Preschool Performing Arts Program is committed to providing our students with solid academics, dance, music, and additional performing arts training in a caring and nurturing environment. We offer a complete curriculum for the preschool student ages 3-5 that will not only prepare them for kindergarten, but benefit them in so many ways.

Programs of study include our highly successful Early Childhood Dance Curriculum, our Music FunTime program that is based on research from John Hopkins and incorporates music theory (teaching how to read staff music, rhythm, note values, time signature, etc.) and application (rhythm instruments, keyboard work, sing along, music appreciation, movement), while accessing learning through the “play” center (themed games, dance, accessible visual and auditory aids). This unique program prepares them for private music or instrument lessons, dance class, a long and successful school life that includes the arts, and provides students with the skill sets associated with productive classroom learning! In addition, our preschool students incorporate our excellent academic curriculum, the nationally known acrobatic arts curriculum, and a preschool French language program. Art and drama also take a spot light in this incredible performing arts journey, giving students a truly well-rounded experience.


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