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It’s here.  Finally after all this planning and preparation, my team and I are ready to introduce the Knoxville Moms Blog to the city we love, Knoxville!


After I had my first son, I found myself alone in motherhood.  Most of my friends who had children were far from the newborn stage. When my boy turned four months old, I took a chance and joined the local Stroller Strides (no longer here), and it was the best decision I could have ever made.

I found women who were mostly not from here, who were new moms, and like myself were looking for others with whom they could relate and seek advice from.  They have become some of my closest and dearest friends that helped me transition from a mom of one, to a mom of two.

From this experience, I knew I wanted to find a way to connect other moms, so they had the resources and the support they needed.  I wanted them to know we are connected through the beautiful bond of motherhood–spit up stains, yoga pants, and messy hair and all.

So don’t be shy, be sure to comment and introduce yourself and let us know your story.  We want to get to know you, and for you to get to know us!  Click around the site and check out our contributors and learn all about us.  Be sure to check out our giveaway tab to take part in our fabulous two weeks of giveaways in celebration of our launch.

So sit back, relax, and grab your sweet tea (or beverage of choice) and stay awhile!

KMB Team Three


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Over 20 years ago, I moved to Knoxville and fell in love with the city that has now truly become my home. Shortly after moving here, I married my college sweetheart, and when not working we set out to travel as much as we could. After working as a financial manager for six years, I welcomed my first son in 2010 and began a journey as a stay-at-home mom. Two years later we added another baby boy to make us a family of four. In June 2016, we welcomed our third son. I founded Knoxville Moms in November 2013 which began my career as a work-from-home mom, and it grew to the expansion of Chattanooga Moms in March 2016. We welcomed our first girl in November 2017 making us a family of six and adding a little pink in our house. In June 2021, I became the co-owner of the Atlanta Mom website, and in March 2022 I became the owner of the Nashville Moms parenting website. When I'm not carpooling the kids to sports and activities, you can find me enjoying a cup of coffee, reading a good book, and dreaming about my toes in the sand. I enjoy meeting new people and enjoy connecting the moms of Knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, and Nashville.


  1. Hi, my family and I just moved to Knoxville from Oxford, MS. I work with the Lady Vol Basketball team and am so excited to be here. I was a part of a moms page in Oxford and am so glad to have found your page. Can’t wait to see what Knoxville has to offer my family. Thanks.

  2. The website is great! I am really excited about the events (Rita’s and Angela’s dance class) that are coming up. This is a informative and helpful resource for moms!! Thanks!

    • Megan that’s why we started this blog…to connect moms throughout the city. We are having our first “Meet and Greet” this Wednesday at Rita’s on Market Square. Will we see you there? 🙂

  3. Hi ladies! Mom of 2 daughters here, one just started in preK and the other is right behind her. With daughters 11 months apart, we stay busy running the preK circuit while my husband works out of town during the week and I work part time at church. I’ve lived here most all my life and still have trouble finding all the fun stuff to do with my kids (especially on a budget, being a homemaker).

    I’m so excited for this blog. I think I even recognize one of the crew, Julie (a hometown friend of my college roommate). Hi Julie!

    I’m also very excited about the AFS event as my younger is very interested in dancing.

    Thanks for your interest in this beautiful city! Looking forward to following your blog and Facebook page.

    • Ceri-girl! You are right! I just saw on the FB page that you aren’t able to make it to Rita’s on Wednesday. Boo! Hopefully I’ll see you at the next event??

  4. So glad to see this group! We moved here from San Diego, CA a couple of months ago and we are excited to make this city home:)

  5. Congrats on the website ladies…looks like it is going to be fabulous!!!! We are looking forward to meeting some of you at Rita’s!

  6. Just wanted to pop in and say Congrats on the new site – It looks great!!
    and what a fabulous thing you are all doing in strengthening the community of moms! Yay!

    And you’re all making me want to move to Knoxville.
    there’s no snow there…right? 🙂


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