Fold The Socks


Fold The SocksWhy is it that folding toddler socks is the part of laundry that never ends? You think you’ve found each sock’s match and then, SURPRISE! — there’s a loner stuck to a tiny towel. Lately, I’ve been so tempted to just throw the socks in my son’s drawer, especially if his laundry is the last chore of my day. But then, I think to myself, “One day he won’t be this little, and as he gets bigger, so will these tiny socks.”

I’m grateful he’s mine and there is laundry to be done, so I fold the socks.

Weekdays at our house can sometimes be over-scheduled. Mornings start with getting everyone (myself included) up, ready, and out the door for daycare and work. Afternoons and evenings are filled with cooking dinner, playing outside, and winding down for bed. Sometimes when bedtime rolls around, I am mentally exhausted (and by “sometimes,” I mean most weekdays). My sweet boy crawls into my lap ready to read and always asks for another book. I might be tired and ready for 30 minutes of quiet time or a quick workout or one-on-one time with my husband or to read a book of my choice that doesn’t involve a blue truck. But then I remember that one day he won’t ask me to read to him or with him. I’m thankful he loves books so much and that this time together is part of his nightly routine. So, I read another book.There are other times when I want to say “no,” but begrudgingly agree. Some days are long or something going on at work is lingering in my mind. When this happens, I have to shift my mindset: these are not things I HAVE to do, but rather are things I GET to do.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.” I am eternally grateful for this sweet boy to be mine and I know he won’t ever be this little again. His requests will change just as he does. One day, he won’t need me like he does today.

So I fold the socks and I read another book.

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Megan Burnette
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