Is Job Hopping A Bad Thing?


Is Job Hopping A Bad Thing?Many years ago, when I started my first job search, fresh out of college, I was told over and over again how bad it is to move from job to job, how negatively future employers will think when they see multiple jobs on your resume, how you’ll never get another job if you frequently job hop. And back then, that may have been true.

But now, things have changed. Job hopping is no longer the giant red flag it used to be. 

My life has changed drastically over the last five years: I got married and had two children. The type of job that worked for me in my early twenties no longer meets my needs or my family’s needs. When searching for a job, I was unsure what would work for me, so I took a position and tried it out. When that didn’t work, I tried another, and another. Eventually, I found what I was looking for and am happily employed.

I started off working a traditional in-office position, but the hours were long and childcare was difficult. I tried a hybrid position and I liked the mix between remote and in-office, but then the in-office days began to outweigh the remote. So, I tried full-time remote and that has been the right fit for my family and me.  

If I had stayed in my previous positions, I never would have found a job that enables me to have an amazing work-life balance, a job that allows me to not only excel in my field but also in motherhood. Whenever my daughter is sick, I am able to easily keep her home while I continue to work. If I need to log out of work early for doctor’s appointments or other plans, I can easily log back on while the kids are asleep to finish up any workday tasks.

I also would not have found the career field that I currently work in and love had it not been for job hopping. And while it wasn’t a primary motivation, I have also increased my salary with every job change. The biggest bumps in salary have come from a job move, not a promotion. 

While I have been the wildcard, changing jobs and trying out new fields, my husband has been the family rock. He has worked with the same company for over a decade, maintaining benefits and a steady income, taking the pressure off me and allowing me to move around positions and companies. 

Job hopping is not the solution for everyone, but I don’t think it’s as taboo as it once was. I have never had a potential employer look at my resume, the numerous jobs — some that I have worked at for less than a year — and turn me down solely for my job history. Have they asked questions and wondered why I have moved around companies and positions? Sure, but we have an honest conversation about priorities and family. Maybe they have follow-up questions or request references, but in my experience, job hopping is not generally the interview end.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk, apply for a new job, change industries, and keep searching for remote opportunities. Don’t let the fear of job hopping hold you back!


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