Walking And Talking: A Practice For Healthy, Happy Living


Walking And Talking: A Practice For Healthy, Happy LivingIntroducing The Walkie Talkies!

Not to be confused with The Real Housewives.

A teacher, a nurse, a business owner, an artist, and an authentic Italian.

The common thread?

They are moms.

They like to walk.

They like to talk.

Over the past 15 years, these ladies have navigated the highs and lows of motherhood with a pair of tennis shoes and honest conversation (but definitely not gossiping 😉). Between them, they have survived over 150 years of marriage, raised 19 kids, and have seven grandkids (and counting!).

In their forties, The Walkie Talkies began as a group of acquaintances pretending to like playing tennis at a community tennis club. As a result of peer pressure from the most socially connected member, they continued to show up and participate in new activities together (like walking half marathons…yikes!). 

As schedules got crazy, they committed to walking and talking 3-4 times a week. Early on, they walked through the days of high school sports, teenage crises, overwhelming schedules, college applications and the whirlwind of that season of motherhood. Now in their sixties, they plan showers and weddings and welcome grand babies. They have supported each other through hard things too, like empty nests, hard of hearing husbands, lockdowns, and the loss of parents.

Walking and talking with friends: a simple but powerful practice for healthy, happy living. A free workout and free therapy.

We all need community, but it takes effort to create. It takes getting out of your house and being willing to try something new. Find a common interest, ask someone to walk, grab a coffee with an acquaintance. You never know what kind of friendship it may lead to down the road. 

We can’t walk the path of motherhood alone. The stakes are too high.

Find your people!


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