Two Kids and a Sport Sedan :: Lexus Driver Experience


Two Kids and a Sport Sedan :: Lexus Driver Experience

When I was contacted to participate in the #LexusDriverExperience, I was more than eager to park my minivan for a few weeks and experience life outside of the mom-mobile. Imagine my surprise when our friends at Lexus of Knoxville offered the brand new 2019 Lexus ES350 F-Sport! I thought, “Okay…I have a four-year-old and a two-year old in five-point harness car seats. Will they even fit in this very sporty vehicle?” The answer was an overwhelming YES.

For the #lexusdriverexperience, I drove the 2019 Lexus ES350 F-Sport for the month of October to review the features and share my experience from our partners at Lexus of Knoxville.

This is the coolest car I’ve ever seen. It does everything, but I’ll highlight some of my favorite features.

Steering Controls

Almost everything can be controlled from the steering wheel. That means no reaching for anything while driving! The two most convenient controls are the phone button and the voice command button, seen on the left. The voice command button allows you to operate the navigation system, radio, climate controls, and so much more. Bluetooth capabilities allow your phone to sync with the car’s stereo and display. You can make phone calls and listen to texts and voicemails without taking your phone out of your purse. The car will not, thankfully, display text messages on the screen unless you are parked.

12-inch Dash Display

This is the real star. The navigation system is huge. Using the voice command button on the steering wheel, you can tell it where to go, and it provides turn-by-turn directions. It can also locate nearby points of interest, such as restaurants or parks. The display screen becomes a rear backup camera when the gear is in reverse, locating both cars and people who might be in your path. The car will automatically brake if you are too close. The screen also lets you know how close you are to objects in front of your car. There’s no excuse for running into something in this car!

A mouse pad also operates the display options if voice command is not an option.

Device Hookups

Back seat options.

The Lexus ES350 is fully equipped for today’s technology. USB ports are available in the front and back for smart phone and tablet hookups. Up to five devices can be connected to the onboard WiFi. Apple CarPlay turns the dash display into the same display on your iPhone, allowing you to access your apps and stream podcasts through the stereo system.

Red Leather Seats

Latch system for car seats.

These seats are more than just really luxe. They are ventilated for summer months and heated for winter. The latch system made car seat installation the easiest I’ve ever seen in any car. No digging for the latches — the latches are at the base of the seat back covered with easy-to-remove flaps.

Two five-point-harness car seats easily fit with plenty of leg room and the middle seat.

The driver seat moves in every direction to make it the most comfortable for everyone. I’m a very petite woman (5’0″). The seat not only moves forward, but also upward, so I can both reach the pedals and see over the steering wheel with ease. So much more comfortable than a phone book!

It has been a pleasure driving the Lexus ES350 F-Sport this month. I will miss the technology that has helped me drive safely and enjoy entertainment on the way. I never doubted the safety of my family while in this car. If you’re interested in learning more about Lexus’ selection of luxury sedans, check it out here!


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