Laura O'Brien

I am a mama to two sweet babies, Caroline (3) and Colin (1). My husband and I, both UT grads, recently moved back to Knoxville because we are so in love with this area and the people in it. Although I am a full time stay-at-home mom now, I am a former 2nd grade teacher who is on a mission to continue learning about how children grow and learn with my own personal guinea pigs! In my spare time (LOL), I run an Etsy shop for embroidery monograms and appliques and help with the college ministry at Calvary Baptist Church.

To The Mom Planning Her Family’s Beach Vacation

Whew! I see you over there already a little exhausted, and the vacation hasn't even started. But for you, planning this vacation started months ago. You contacted travel agents and scrolled through hundreds of...

Let’s Hear It For Lactation Consultants

I was five days postpartum with my third baby. Even though I had breastfed my first two babies, something was very wrong. My milk was coming in, everything was swollen, baby couldn't latch, and I...

Decluttering Tips for People Who Hate Decluttering

"Mom, what are you writing about over there?" "Decluttering tips." "...really?" Busted by my seven-year-old. Maybe I'm not the most clutter-free person, but that's why I'm writing this. I aspire to be! I envy homes with clear countertops...

How To Use a Sticker Chart That Actually Works

"Sticker charts don't work for my kid." If you have said this, then this post is for you. Several years ago, I got my first teaching job right out of college in a preK/Head Start classroom....

Hey Mama, How You Doin’?

I imagine myself asking you that question like Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S because it might make you laugh and give us a chance to talk lightheartedly about anything but how we're really doing. But I really...

That Holiday Recipe Phone Call

I called to wish my grandmother a happy 86th birthday shortly before Thanksgiving. We both lamented that we would not be spending Thanksgiving together this year due to the pandemic. We always spend Thanksgiving...

We’re Going to Be Okay

When I was a teenager, I played competitive travel softball. My team was unique in that we started playing together in 7th grade and stayed together until we graduated high school. We were more...

New Moms: Less Baby Registry, More Education

"Why didn't anyone warn me?!" "I had no idea that would happen!" "I wish I had known...." Show of hands if you said any or all of these after you welcomed your new baby home. Mom groups...

Beauty Hacks for Regular Moms

Hey there, moms. We're going to need to calibrate the room before we continue. If you have a morning skin care routine, a nighttime skin care routine, and have ever contoured your face, this...

I Don’t Hate Thumb Sucking

Show of hands: how many of you hoped for a thumb sucker? Probably not too many if I had to guess. We've all heard the horror stories of kids who are way too old still sucking...

The Kids Can Finally Play

I'm taking off my mom hat briefly and dusting off my old child development hat for this one. With a bachelor's degree in Child and Family Studies and a master's degree in Early Childhood...
I Shouldn't Have to Make You a Face Mask

I Shouldn’t Have to Make You a Face Mask

I shouldn't have to make you a face mask. I shouldn't be spending my time learning about micron particles and filtration, researching which materials might keep you safe. Might. My Amazon cart shouldn't be filled...