Laura O'Brien

I am a mom of 3, wife, and kindergarten teacher. My husband and I are both UT grads. Go Vols! I'm an enneagram 9, so you probably won't find a lot of controversy here. I love all things Knoxville with my whole heart. In my free time, I sleep.
Vol Moms: Your Kids Are Still Watching

Vol Moms: Your Kids Are Still Watching

I cried after we beat Bama. It wasn't because we beat Bama. It wasn't because it was a pivotal game in an historic season. It was because I had spent 12 years watching this team...

The Daycare Waitlist Nightmare

18 months-2 years. I just want to get that out there. The current waitlist for any daycare is currently 18 months-2 years. Parents of young children may already be aware of that. If you weren't,...

I Know How To Be The Perfect Parent

Once upon a time, we were all perfect parents. Before we had kids, of course. We knew what should be done, how to raise well-rounded kids. We read the books. We attended the classes. We bought...

I Went Back To Work After 7 Years As A SAHM

This time last year, I was frantically searching the internet for wisdom and advice. After seven years as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), I had made the decision to go back to work. I didn't...

I Hate Being The Tooth Fairy

It's 10pm, and I need to go to bed. But I can't. Because I'm waiting for my daughter to be ALL the way asleep, so I can army crawl into her room and slide my whole...

What Can I Do To Get My Child Ready For Kindergarten?

"What can I do to help my child get ready for kindergarten?" This is the number one question teachers hear around this time of year. Kindergarten Round-Up is just around the corner. You knew it...

Dinner Shortcuts For Busy Nights

If dinner is a hot mess at your house, this is for you. Wouldn't it be nice to have a fresh, home cooked meal that was also healthy and featured all the major food groups?...