Tips For You With 2 Under 2


Tips For You With 2 Under 2If this tells you anything, I am writing from my phone, while feeding my 11-week-old and supervising my 17-month-old jump from the ottoman to the couch. Occasionally, I offer the suggestion to “be careful,” as if my words give a layer of protection. This is life with two under two.

I hate to say I’ve found ways to “survive,” because I feel I’m living some of the best days of my life, even though life is hectic. There are beautiful, hilarious, and trying moments that really force me to slow down and appreciate the simple joys of each day.

Amidst the chaos, here are some activities I’ve discovered that help me engage my toddler, while also caring for the needs of an infant:

Food Prep

Nothing is worse than trying to prep food in chaos. Prepare breakfast and lunch the night before. Our current favorites are overnight oatmeal with fixins for breakfast and pasta with peas and marinara and a side of fruit for lunch. We also love a simple minestrone soup. Nothing fancy!

Mornings Out

Getting out of the house once a day keeps everyone from going crazy. After breakfast works well for us. Our time outside usually aligns with a morning nap for my infant, so we do it on the go in the car seat or carrier. We frequent the park, the splash pad, library story time, or we go for a nature walk. With a good jogger, you can even take the stroller out on the trails! Some days we run adult errands but saying “hi” to everyone at the store is a fun game too!

Play Dates In

If getting out is overwhelming, bring the fun to you. This can double as a play date for mommy with old friends or new ones! Enjoy adult conversation while simultaneously refereeing toddlers. Hey, we take what we can get.

Stroller Walks

Admittedly much easier with a solo infant that can’t tell you they want “out” or “down” five minutes into the ride. However, you can extend your walk by playing a version of “I spy” with your toddler and pointing out things you see. You can also offer snacks, a favorite playlist, toys, or books. Just be ready to pick up fallen objects. At least mamma gets her steps in!

Highchair Activities

Coloring and reusable sticker books are current favorites. I can usually participate one-handed while holding baby or it buys me time to complete a quick chore. 

Fun In The Sun

A simple blow up pool has offered hours of entertainment and independent (supervised) play this summer! Add play kitchen toys, plastic balls, and measuring cups and ask your toddler to get cookin’! The sprinkler can be thrown into the mix too — just be ready to get wet while you demonstrate.

Walk And Wander

Find adventure in your own backyard. Toddlers love to explore on their own two feet. Get them outside and let them put their hands in the dirt, pick up rocks, pick flowers, or wander around the neighborhood with no plan. 

Other Toys (and Books!)

In addition to our beloved play kitchen, these toys have recently been added to our rotation and keep my toddler occupied for a good 20 minutes: letter fridge magnets, buckle toy, and LeapFrog letter game. And, as long as we are contained to a small area without distractions, sitting on the floor with books does the trick! Current favorites include the Little Blue Truck series and Strong Mamma!

Ms. Rachel’s Spotify Playlist

Teach your toddler the moves to these songs so they can do them independently! A great playlist for the car as well.

Mommy’s Helper

It pains me to know that my toddler is my “big kid,” but she loves being mommy’s helper. I ask her to help me change diapers by letting her grab wipes and praise her for her efforts. She knows how to give a passy and she’s learned to give gentle kisses and hugs. Allowing her to “help” with everyday tasks becomes a game for her.

Babywearing And Container Support

Babywearing is essential with two under two. I don’t go anywhere without my Babybijorn Mini because it’s great for contact naps on the go! I’m also not afraid of containers and will use a bouncer or swing when necessary. As long as my infant isn’t spending all day “contained,” I feel OK about using the tools to keep everyone safe and maintain my own sanity.

Take The Help

If friends offer to help, take it. I won’t say no to extra hands on a zoo day or trip to the park!

I’m learning as I go and definitely have moments or days when I am overstimulated. These kids are teaching me to be flexible and creative, and the importance of dry shampoo. If I have any advice, it’s to do things like blogposts in the rare moments when both kids are asleep at the same time! It’s a short season — hang in there!


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