The Ride to Nowhere: How Peloton Impacted My Life


The Ride to Nowhere: How Peloton Impacted My Life{Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post; I’m just a girl who loves what they are selling.}

The good news is that this post isn’t centered on a weightloss journey nor does it revolve around how fit I am because, simply put, I love pizza, wings and beer. Rather than focusing on what I have lost or hope to lose, what I have gained has far exceeded my expectations.
I gave birth to my third child in March 2020, just as the world shut down. Postpartum is hard, but isolation and fear don’t bode well in the mix of crazy hormones and sleepless nights. I have always lived with anxiety. I don’t say that I “suffer from” anxiety, because I’m not suffering — I live with it on a daily basis. Over the years I learned to cope and to overcome the best I could.

At the end of the summer, I found myself being sad and anxious. Sad for what I had missed out on, for what my kids had missed out on, longing to see people without fear of getting sick. We hadn’t gone anywhere for months and I was holding on to baby weight that I was ready to see go. I love HIIT workouts and running, but with a third kid and the unknown of virtual school, I wanted something that I could do at home and stay active.

Enter: The Peloton

Now, hear me out. I know the first rule of having a Peloton is telling people you have a Peloton.

But guys. This bike, the instructors and the workouts have brought me so much more than I could have ever predicted. Honestly, if you would have asked me in August 2020 if I had swagger, I would have said no. But, Robin tells me every ride that I do, in fact, have swagger. I am not exactly sure what swagger is, but she makes me feel like a badass nonetheless.

The first time I clipped in, I was nervous. I wasn’t a cyclist. I didn’t have a fancy membership to a cycling studio prior to purchasing the bike. I had taken maybe three total spin classes. I enjoyed them, but I preferred running and not having my booty hurt for a week. Here I was, starting my first ride.

The music, the atmosphere and the supportive instructors (my first ride was a beginner ride with Hannah), had me hooked. Over the last few months, I have instructor “hopped” and have become obsessed with one instructor in particular: Robin Arzon.

What sold me? Three words: Dolly Parton Ride.

Thirty minutes of intervals, climbs and flat roads all to the tunes of Dolly. It truly doesn’t get better than that. Broadway rides, Hamilton rides, ’90s, 2000s Pop. All of it is my jam. Robin speaks straight to my soul each ride.

Sundays with Love rides will quite literally take you to church. Ally Love is inspirational and motivational. Can’t hit her callouts? You do you. There’s no shame or pressure to have to hit her numbers. {Jogging out of the saddle? Hard pass from me; I’ll never hit her numbers. No shame.}

Want a feel good ride with a few laugh out loud moments, check out Cody Rigsby. Want to puke your guts out? Olivia and Jen gotchu. Want some good metal rides or want to be entertained? Check out Kendall’s classes.

You really can’t go wrong. Even if you don’t like to cycle, the Peloton app offers so many other classes such as strength, yoga, cardio, running, meditation and stretching. I love incorporating strength workouts with my rides. The Peloton app can be used with other spin bikes or a non-Peloton treadmill, or you can enjoy all the at home workouts with just weights or a mat. They even offer prenatal workouts.

This week I will complete my century ride {100th ride}. I have physically and mentally struggled during rides, I have had tears in my eyes and tears streaming down my face during rides. I have also smiled and I have laughed a lot.

I have had straight up therapy sessions on my bike. The instructors are motivational and want you to do whatever your best is. There’s no selling of recovery drinks or shakes. There’s no meal plan to purchase. They are selling you physical activity to improve your mind, body and soul.

The last twelve months brought a lot of feelings and I will be forever grateful to the Peloton instructors for the positivity and motivation they gave to me. While I am not writing about the things I have lost from the bike, the things I have gained are exactly what I needed this year. I am stronger, physically and mentally, thanks to Peloton.

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