The Gift of Ordinary Days


As I unwrapped a recent shipment of art pieces I ordered in January for my shop, I was caught off guard by my emotions. When I placed the order, I could have never guessed how profound a meaning the item would have months later.

The world we know will never be the same.

The sign read “Enjoy the gift of an ordinary day.” It stopped me in my tracks. Guilty. For far too long, I have let time go by because I have a minute-to-minute schedule that must be followed. I let the gift of time with loved ones, a simple hug and conversations go to the wayside trying to cram as much as I can into one day. Those ordinary moments are truly the extraordinary moments.

It’s hard to not hug your parents when we are trying to protect them. My youngest is so quiet as he tries to figure out why he can’t hug anyone right now. I need to spend more time with them. Funny how when you can’t do something, you want it more. The sign I ordered for my store is coming home with me. It will mark this time to never be forgotten, a time in which I slowed down and realized how much joy there is in the ordinary day.

Sending love.


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