10 Apps a Mom Shouldn’t Live Without


10 Apps a Mom Shouldn't Live WithoutI thought I could live without my phone until I went to pick up my Kroger Clicklist with my phone sitting on the kitchen counter. I had no way of notifying Kroger I was ready for pickup and I couldn’t listen to my newest podcast. And what if I wanted to redeem my free Icedream cone from Chick-fil-A? No can do, not without your phone!

Phones are important and here are the top apps every mom needs on her phone (these are in no favorable order):

  1. Chick-fil-A: You are able to scan this app for future rewards and your local CFA can also upload free rewards as well. You can find nutritional information, order ahead, and when you’re on a road trip, even pull up your nearest CFA.
  2. Target Cartwheel: If you stop at Target, you NEED this app. Cartwheel not only has discounts and deals only for app users, but you can also earn points on all your purchases. Yes, you can officially tell your spouse you are getting paid to shop at Target.
  3. Libby: Once I had my son, I discovered reading isn’t as easy as it used to be. After some research, I found that Knox County Public Library has an app called Libby which is where I can download audiobooks. They also have ebooks that can be downloaded as well and sent to your Kindle. This service is completely free of charge.
  4. YouTube/PBS/Netflix: We all know our kids can act a fool, especially in the most inconvenient locations. This is a great app to pull out when you need a cool down moment or just to finish the last 10 minutes of shopping.
  5. Kroger/Instacart/Walmart: EVERY MOM NEEDS THIS. We aren’t in sports yet, but I have been on the interstate in Florida and had a full car of groceries by 6pm. I can’t imagine the moms that have kids’ activities 4-5 nights a week. This app was made for you. Truly, you don’t even need a reason, grocery pickup is everything.
  6. Waze: This is the only maps app I use. I did confer with other moms and we are all partial. Waze is used by a lot of the Uber/Lyft drivers also. It gives second to second updates on traffic accidents, delays, and the best part is that it can notify you if your normal route is delayed and gives other options before you’ve even left your house. If you’re ever sitting in traffic (as the passenger) you can use the app to see what the traffic is from, it even marks the potholes (can I get an amen).
  7. Banking apps: I know we all use different banks, but if your bank has an app you need it. With the Knoxville TVA Credit Union app, I am able to make check deposits, check our account, and even send money (how we pay our sitter) without ever having to step into a bank. I love my bank and the employees are so incredibly nice, but toting a toddler into a nice quiet bank is the last thing they want.
  8. AppleMusic/Pandora/Spotify: Does your son or daughter want to sing “Into the Unknown” by Idina Menzel over and over again? Well now they can! These apps have a free and paid version. We use the paid version because I love being able to find and select music by our choice. The free versions compile great playlists for you with a mix of songs from categories you choose.
  9. FamCal: Have you ever left a child at daycare or soccer practice because you thought your significant other was picking them up? How about the time when you come in carrying groceries and your middle schooler tells you he needs sugar cubes tonight for a project due tomorrow? FamCal is for you! You can share a family calendar, shopping lists, send reminders (don’t forget your cleats), and even share moments such as pictures and videos.
  10. Shutterfly: One day, all we will have are memories and pictures. When you have the Shutterfly app, you receive unlimited free prints monthly (4×4 and 4×6 shipping not included) and you are awarded 5 freebies monthly that range from photo books to cell phone cases — the options are almost endless.

I know with each season of life comes different usage of apps. If you have a favorite app I didn’t list, I would love to hear about it.

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Kailey Ryan
Hi, my name is Kailey. I am a nurse, wife, and now a mom! My sweet Brady (any football fans?) was born in August 2018 and our lives will never be the same. I am a Knoxville native and absolutely love the area. Where else can you drive to a beach, major city, or mountains in less than 6 hours? I married my husband 2 years ago and we dated on and off since he was 16. We are both nurses so are our lives are crazy and unpredictable. I was an ICU nurse for 3 years. I have been fortunate to experience life being brought into this world as well as life being taken away. I have moved on from the ICU, but I will never forget some families I cared for. Yes, in the ICU you take care of much more than a patient. This is the worst day of many peoples lives and it's important you care for everyone. Nursing leaves an imprint on your heart no matter the type of nursing you chose. I am now a triage nurse, where I talk to people on the phone. While this is a completely different nursing than I have ever done, I am able to be a "stay at home mom" during the week and I work weekends from home. The sacrifice of working weekends is worth every day I spend with my son. If we aren't at work or home you will find us traveling or planning our next trip. We have a passion for traveling, our goal is to visit all 50 states. My "side hustle" is planning vacations for families. I have been a travel agent for 3 years and absolutely love it. At the end of the day all we have left are memories, I make sure each and every family creates lasting memories. When you don't find me working, planning vacations, or playing with my sweet boy, I will be by the pool. I'm most certainly not an expert on being a mom, but I hope to add some experiences and outlooks being a "millennial mom".


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