Summer Mom Hacks


Summer Mom Hacks Summer is here! That means more fun, more sun, and more adventures. However, for moms that can also mean more planning, more packing, and more messes. So, to help out my fellow mamas, I am here to share my favorite summer mom hacks and some I have recently discovered with help from friends and fellow Knoxville Moms contributors.

1. Keep pajamas in the car

Summer often means late nights out having fun, so bedtime can be a struggle. Keep some extra pjs in the car to change your kids into so when you get home, you can put them straight into bed.

2. Use a makeup sponge to apply face sunscreen

This makes the process go faster and makes it easier to avoid the eye area. Also, my girls like it so much better than putting it on the old-fashioned way so there is less complaining.

3. Use a cupcake wrapper with popsicles

Stick the popsicle stick through the bottom of the cupcake wrapper to help keep the drips off your child. I like to double up the cupcake wrapper to make it even more absorbent. I also saw on the @athomewith.shannon Instagram account that she uses plastic cup lids to do the same thing. You stick the popsicle stick where the straw would normally go.

4. Keep summer supplies in your car

I like to keep a few hats, sunscreen, extra clothes, a picnic blanket, swimsuits and a beach towel in my car. It lets us be spontaneous when opportunities arise, and it never hurts to be prepared.

5. Create an outside box

I found a great little organizer box at Target and loaded it up with wipes, sunscreen, bug spray, band aids, water bottles, sunglasses, etc. It’s all things we end up needing outside and it’s so easy to grab and take with us without having to carry a million little things. Plus, it saves us from having to run back inside over and over to get things.

6. Keep a potty in the car

This is great for little kids on road trips or anytime you take littles somewhere where potties are in short supply (or where porta potties are the only option — bleh!). When our girls were toddlers, we used ours inside our trunk. Place a diaper inside the potty so when they are finished going, you can just toss the diaper out to easily clean up the mess.

7. Yetis (or a similar cup) keep popsicles frozen

A fellow contributor gave me this tip and my mother-in-law helped me test it recently, too. If you put popsicles in an insulated Yeti-type cup they will stay frozen for quite a while. (Our experimental one lasted over an hour outside in the sun.) This way you can take one with you for a cold snack on a hot summer day.

8. Use baby powder to remove sand

I must be honest and say I have never used this hack myself (I plan on trying it out when we head to the beach in a few weeks). However, lots of moms tell me this works like a charm and anything that removes sand is definitely worth a try.

9. Make a washing station at the back door

Summer means lots of bare feet and lots of water activities. Lessen the mess by having a tub and towel to wash off dirty feet at the door and a laundry basket ready to dump any wet clothes in. I haven’t set up the foot washing part of this at my house, but I am excited to try it out.

10. Buy things to make life easier

The two things I am most thankful that I invested in for the summertime are a pop-up highchair and a good stroller fan. They have both been lifesavers. The highchair pops up just like a camp chair, is small and easy to carry around, and the cover can be removed to wash it. It’s great for the pool and for picnics. The fan is a great way to keep my toddler cool on walks and at outdoor sporting events. Plus, it has a rechargeable battery that holds a charge well. I found both items on Amazon.Also, another Knox Mom contributor says that these beach towels are amazing too. They are fast drying and fold small.

11. Take a picture for safety reasons

When you get to a place like Dollywood, Splash Country, Disney or any other large amusement park, take a picture of your children. If the worst should happen and you somehow lose track of a child or get separated, you have a picture you can show of exactly what they were wearing and what they look like.

 I hope these hacks help you have even more fun this summer! Let us know your favorite summer mom hacks in the comments.


  1. Great ideas; thanks for sharing. As an addition to number 11, write your cell phone number with a sharpie on a band aid or similar product and put it on your child for fast reunion in case of separation. Our children were always instructed to stand still if they were lost, and we would return to them, rather than have them wander searching. Even if an adult offered to help, they were instructed to ask the helper to stand still with them and wait for our return.

    • That’s really smart. I had never thought about telling them to stay put if they get lost. That’s really smart. I, also, always tell mine to find a mom with kids to ask for help if they’re lost.


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