Lauren Bouch

Hello! I am a Knoxville native, and I definitely bleed orange. I am married to my college sweetheart, Daniel, and we are blessed to be the parents of three little girls. I enjoy reading, running, coffee, re-watching Gilmore Girls (for the millionth time), going to concerts, and spending time outdoors. My faith plays a huge role in how I mother, and I strive to be an encouragement to other moms.

Trying Something New: Rock Climbing

My husband has always been better at having hobbies than me. As a mom, I feel like if I have free time, it’s mainly spent squeezing in a nap or trying to catch up...

I Will Never Stop Holding My Kids

“One day you will sit your kids down and never pick them up again.” This quote has stuck with me since the first time I saw it floating around on social media. I know it’s...

Pumpkin Spice Taste Test

Even though it can be a polarizing flavor, over the past few years, pumpkin spice has become the official flavor of fall. If you’re like me and love it, you are always on the...

Why My Twins Are In Separate Classes

Being a twin parent comes with its own special set of challenges. Twin parents are often faced with decisions that parents without twins never have to consider. We are constantly navigating the challenge of...

Maybe Kids Growing Up Isn’t All Bad

All summer long, I have been dreading August and back-to-school season. The thought of sending my twin girls off to kindergarten has been looming over me like a dark cloud. I have never been...

Summer Mom Hacks

Summer is here! That means more fun, more sun, and more adventures. However, for moms that can also mean more planning, more packing, and more messes. So, to help out my fellow mamas, I...

Let’s Hear It For The Hairdressers

I like to joke with my husband that my loyalty lies with God, him, our family, and my hairdresser (and in that order). But in all honesty, that statement is pretty accurate. And I...