New Deals on Care Products at Publix for Cool Dads


The man in your life doesn’t have to be a “metrosexual” to want to look and feel good. (We want those things too!) My laid-back, no-fuss husband is no exception. When he visits his favorite local barbershop for a haircut, there’s definitely a spring in his step and a smile on his face when he comes home. It’s the fresh haircut and maybe the off-color jokes and slightly embellished stories the guys tell each other. I’ve decided it’s the man-equivalent of a spa. And I LOVE to go to the spa. With busy lives (e.g. kids, dog, job, activities) we certainly don’t get to the barbershop or spa enough!

Enter Publix. The grocery store is working to simplify our lives. Publix is now stocking plenty of on-trend personal care products. Knoxville Moms and Publix challenged me to check out the beauty care items for women and I wrote about my experience here. This time there is a new challenge. Here’s the twist: it’s not for me.

Knoxville Moms and Publix challenged my hubs to give the store’s new male personal products a try. It was a no-brainer on his part. My former Navy guy loves efficiency and if he’s already there tossing groceries into his Publix cart…why not? Plus, there are some great deals just in time for our little experiment.

Old Spice Red Reserve New Cologne Scented Body Wash: In case you’ve been living under a rock, Old Spice isn’t your grandfather’s aftershave any more. My husband’s side of the bathroom counter is filled with Old Spice stuff. He’s a fan for sure. This is the first product he tested from our challenge and he gave it two thumbs up. The next day in the shower, I spotted the bottle of Old Spice Sea Spray Body Wash. Hmmm…notes of citrus and blue kelp sounded pretty nice. My dedication to Knoxville Moms knows no bounds. I went for it! It didn’t dry out my skin like some male body washes I occasionally swipe from my husband. Amazingly, the cologne scent did last all day. Even I was impressed with this one.

Deal Details: $1.00 off Two

Old Spice Wild Collection NightPanther Body Wash: This is one of the newer products in Old Spice’s NightPanther line. NightPanther Body Wash promises you’ll “smell sniffworthy.” It definitely lives up to the hype. The scent is a mix of sandalwood and chocolate. (I think chocolate smells amazing!) My hubby really liked the scent too. He thought the smell lasted even after a long day. Should your guy be concerned he’s going to smell like a giant Hershey bar? My hubs said that’s not the case and he should go for it. Trust me, that’s a ringing endorsement from my husband!

Deal Details: $1.00 Off Two

Old Spice Moisturized with Shea Butter Shampoo: This new Old Spice shampoo is already in the regular rotation for my guy. He liked the lather and how clean it made his hair and scalp feel. Old Spice says this particular product is inspired by barbers and crafted for barbershop results. We all know my husband loves a good barbershop! This product uses shea butter in its magical softening formula. I love shea butter. Hmmm. This may be another one I swipe!

Deal Details: $1.00 off Two

Old Spice Clinical Anti-Perspirant: My husband is on his feet a lot at work so an effective deodorant is a must. Even though he’s already an Old Spice fan as I mentioned before, he was a little uncertain about the new Old Spice Clinical Anti-Perspirant. It’s a soft solid instead of the hard solid deodorant he’s used to. I explained to him that’s not unusual for women’s deodorant/anti-perspirant products which made him feel a bit better. Let me tell you, he came around REALLY quick to the soft solid. The Old Spice Clinical Anti-Perspirant dried quickly after application and the high level of sweat defense was no joke. I’d call that a slam dunk Old Spice!

Deal Details: $1.00 Off Two, $2.00 Off One Digital Coupon


Gillette Invisible Solid: Gillette is pulling out all the stops with its new Invisible Solid. This solid antiperspirant promises fast-acting protection and all-day dryness. It’s even formulated with skin care ingredients because, after all, the skin under our arms is skin too! My hubs agreed it went on smoothly and had a nice, fresh man smell. When I mentioned the Gillette Invisible Solid had aromatic herbs, lavender and notes of geranium he laughed. (It’s a running joke at our house that my husband can’t identify flowers.) He said if that’s what a geranium smell like, he’s in!

Deal Details: $1.00 Off Two, $2.00 Off One Digital Coupon

So next time you are Publix be sure to grab these products for the man in your life!

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