My Spring Capsule Wardrobe


capsule wardrobe

It’s not unusual for me to try something different with my closet. Two years ago I did the 40 Hanger Project. It was a great way to take some control over my closet. While that was good, it left some holes. The number of clothes I had was fine, but it didn’t all flow together. Now I’ve become a big fan of the capsule wardrobe  It’s a plan, it makes sense, and it’s working really well for me.

I get asked a lot what a capsule wardrobe is. This post explains it very well. A short definition of it ::  it’s building a wardrobe with a small number of clothes that are seasonally appropriate and can be mixed and matched to make many different outfits. Perfect right?  

Here’s how it works :: 

  You set up your wardrobe for the four seasons. Four times a year you set up your wardrobe. I use certain staple pieces throughout the year and add in several new pieces for each season. 

  You pick a number. The actual number isn’t as important as just setting a number and picking clothes that will work. I do 37 because that is the number that worked out well for me. 

  This number includes tops, bottoms, jackets, shoes, and a few accessories. It does not include undergarments, workout clothes, or jewelry. 

  You don’t shop between seasons. You set up your capsule wardrobe for each season at the beginning of the season, and then you leave it alone until it’s time to set up for the next season. You don’t just grab a top shopping one day. You don’t order new shoes online. Not until you thoughtfully and methodically set up your wardrobe for the next season. 

The pros :: 

It makes getting dressed easy. I know that everything in my closet can be put together to make different outfits. So all I have to do is pick out a couple of things and I know they work. 

It saves money. Since part of the capsule wardrobe deal is that you set up your wardrobe at the beginning of the season and you don’t shop between, then you save money. By not randomly picking up something here or something there, I have saved money by using the capsule wardrobe. 

My closet looks better. My closet is neat and tidy. There aren’t hangers stuffed in with clothes that I never wear hanging on them. I wear the clothes in there, and I have plenty of room to see what’s there. 

I can follow trends with the seasons. Since I’m not spending money whenever on clothes like I used to, I feel much better about setting aside an amount at the beginning of each season to set the next wardrobe. This allows me to follow trends when I want to in addition to my steady basics. 

Here’s what my Spring 2016 Capsule Wardrobe is made of :: 

37 Pieces

I love having the capsule wardrobe. It has definitely helped to simplify my life and make getting ready in the morning easier. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Are you already doing it? What are your tips and favorite parts of it? 


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