Spring Cleaning and Organizing


I started out this year with the goals of being more healthy and organized in 2014.  I even wrote about it back here in January.  I have been organizing a lot this year — wanting each area of my home to be functioning at its best.  I love knowing that I can find any item I need because it is in its place and organized.  As I have gone through different areas of my home, organizing big and small, I have also been cleaning as I go.  With the warmer weather now in Knoxville, the blooms all around, and the freshness that is spring, I find myself even more inspired to clean, purge, and organize.

Here are some areas I’ve been cleaning and organizing lately:

-My closet!

What started as cleaning up a mess of a closet, turned into an overhaul of my closet.  We added some smart storage on top to help, but the biggest thing was that I got rid of a lot of clothes!  I got rid of more than I kept.  And I’m loving it. It’s nice to have more space than clothes and stuff.

closet organized

-My car

With pollen all over the place now, I’m finding it even more important to keep the outside of my car clean.  But even more than the outside, is the inside.  We spend a lot of time driving around in the car, and as all moms know, it gets messy so quickly with kids.  To keep things clean I follow a few steps:

1.  throw trash out every time I get out of the car
2.  use the time at the gas pump to get any other trash out and reorganize things
3.  keep a basket in the backseat for toys and books. It keeps distractions handy and contained
4.  keep wipes in the car for kid messes or any other messes that pop up
5.  when I arrive somewhere early I use the extra time to wipe down the dashboard and any dusty surfaces
6.  take advantage of $3 car washes and free vacuums often

-Small areas that I see every day

I used to think the big stuff mattered more when it comes to cleaning and organizing.  But I’ve learned that cleaning and organizing little things sometimes makes even more of an impact than the big stuff!  By paying attention to small but frequently used areas such as the junk drawer or the area where the cable box is, it makes me happy every day when I look and see an organized place where it’s easy to find things.  Here is a post about organizing a tough spot in my bedroom, and it was an awesome use of 10 minutes.

Organized Chest

Have you been cleaning and organizing this Spring?  What projects have you taken on?  I would love to hear!  Let me know in the comments below.



  1. Yes! I’m in the same boat. My van is a BIG one–I made the kids take everything out yesterday and we wash and vacuum it once a week. It is amazing the gummy bears and Ninja Turtle swords one can find after a mere 7 days 😉

  2. Working on my spring cleaning also! Thanks for the post! It’s earth day, make sure you aren’t using harmful chemicals in your home! I started buying green products online to save money instead of going to EarthFare.


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