The Mundane Tasks of Motherhood


There are times and moments — as a wife and a mother — that it seems my life is full of mundane tasks. Day after day, I have tasks to complete that are meager, unexciting, repetitive, boring and dull! Sometimes I would like to protest and refuse to wash another load of clothes or wash another dish.

I’m sure all of us have to-do-lists that are full of tasks that seem quite mundane. I definitely have my share.

My days are full of busing my children from various practices and extracurricular activities; laundry to do; meals to prepare; backpacks to pack; homework to assist with; dishes to wash; and the list goes on! Not to mention, I absolutely detest grocery shopping; I hate going up aisle after aisle looking for the best strawberries or grapes. Of course I love being a wife and a mother, but is this what I signed up for? Have I become a slave to mundane tasks? Are mundane tasks taking over my life?

We all have our share of preferred duties that bring sense of fulfillment and purpose however, at times I feel my life is full of tasks that have no great purpose or meaning.

I have been fortunate to have many great women — both stay-at-home mothers or mothers who worked outside the home — in my life. All of these women have something in common: they embrace or did embrace the mundane tasks of their household with an amazing level of commitment, contentment, and excellency. It has been astounding to see these women cook meal after meal with joy. It has been amazing to see these women wash load after load of clothes with delight. These women inspire me to do my lists of mundane tasks with greater passion and purpose.

I have made a conscious effort to do the ordinary in an extraordinary manner.

Recently, I was reminded of the fragility of life. A mother I knew tragically and unexpectedly passed away. She left behind a husband and three young children. She adored her family, loving them with every ounce of her being. She tirelessly sacrificed for them and completed numerous mundane tasks. My mind was flooded with questions: who would cook for them? Who would do their laundry? Who would ensure their homework was completed and placed in their backpacks? Who would take them to their various events and practices? Who would keep their rooms tidy? Who would grocery shop for them and make sure they had healthy snacks? I know their dad will strive for normalcy in their lives, but their mother did these things and she did them well.

Suddenly, the many mundane tasks that I often complain about took on new meaning.

I have not perfected embracing my mundane tasks with greater purpose and joy, but I am striving to do so with a new perspective. Washing clothes is no longer just a boring required task; it enables my children to go to school with confidence because they look their best. Driving my children from place to place is no longer just serving as a taxi driver; I’m investing in their interests. Assisting my children in cleaning up by ensuring they place each Lego and Hot Wheels car in its proper containers is no longer just a draining task; it is teaching my children organization and how to be good stewards of their possessions.

I’m learning to find more pleasure and purpose in the mundane ordinary tasks. It is a journey, but I’m grateful that my insight has changed. I am blessed to do the mundane tasks for my household and I will strive to do them with joy. Mothers, embrace those mundane tasks!



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