Making the {DREAM} Bed

{This bedroom is restful. The bed has a great layered look that is perfect for a snuggle.}

Bedrooms are sanctuaries. After a long day, the bed is a welcome rest. Making the bed beautiful is a way to ensure better sleep and promote well-being.

Are you ready to create the bed of your dreams? Here are a few important tips:

Pom Pom at Home Knoxville, TN
{This Pom Pom at Home bed captures what a comfortable bed looks like with layered linens and pillows. All items featured are machine washable. Image via Pom Pom at Home.}
  1. Start with the foundation.

    Invest in a good mattress. The quality of your mattress is crucial to your sleep. A quality mattress will last 8-10 years, so it’s a good idea to invest in one that will make you comfortable. Once you select the mattress, cover it with a mattress pad to protect your investment. A good mattress pad is also another layer of comfort on the bed. You will also want to invest in good pillows in addition to your mattress.

    Pine Cone Hill sheets Knoxville, TN
    {It’s good to invest in foundations like sheets that will help you stay cool or warm at night. Featured sheets are by Pine Cone Hill and are a sateen.}
  2.  Select your sheets.

    You will need a fitted sheet, a top sheet and pillowcases. Cotton is the most breathable material. The weave will determine how it will feel. Percale feels like a man’s dress shirt and sateen has a silky feel. “Does thread count matter?” is a common question. Yes, thread count matters. A good thread count will generally run between 300-430. When they get very high, sometimes they are using creative weaving techniques that do not equal a great sheet. Longer fibers do make a better sheet.

    {Creating a dream bed is easy with layers of blankets, matelasses and duvets of different weights and fabrics.}
  3. Create a base layer.

    Build a base layer with a quilt, matelassé (fabric with a raised design like quilting) or blanket. This is the layer with which you will be covering yourself, and it needs to be the correct weight for temperature control at night. In the winter, I have a blanket and then a matelassé on the bed. It makes the bed extra cozy. 

    {This beautiful bed at The Back Porch Mercantile features layers by Pine Cone Hill and Pom Pom at Home.}
  4.  Layer on the luxury. 

    Duvets folded at the foot of the bed are beautiful to look at and add an extra layer of comfort. There are all kinds of fills from down to synthetic and combinations. Bed skirts add an elegant touch, too. Place a throw on the foot of the bed with which to curl up.

    {Pattern and texture on several different sizes of pillows add visual interest and comfort. Image via The Back Porch Mercantile, Knoxville, TN.}
  5. Pile on the pillows. 

    Euros (26″ x 26″ square) are great behind standard or king size decorative pillows. Bolster and boudoir pillows make a pretty finish. Mixing your shams is a great way to add more visual interest and texture to your bed.  

Once you create your dream bed, it’s easy to make it up every day because you will love it so much. Having a nice bed is really a gift to yourself after a long day. Select long-lasting fabrics for easy care, as well.

Are you ready to create a sleep sanctuary? The Back Porch Mercantile can make this happen for you through the beautiful lines of bedding that we carry.


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