Keep Your Arms Always Around Me


Keep Your Arms Always Around Me

photography by Laurie Wilson

Little one, keep your arms always around me, just like the day you first came into my world. The day your arm couldn’t quite reach anything yet, but your tiny fingers rested in my hands. You pulled my hair and clawed my fingers as I fed you in my arms, and I was so grateful that you were there reaching to hold me.

Keep your arms always around me like the day you learned to say, “Mommy I hold you.” Those words have somehow faded as you’ve grown older in this world. But oh how I long for the time that your words meant that you just wanted to be wrapped up in me. Safe and content just as my arms meet your little body.

Keep your arms always around me as you need me less and less to fall asleep. Remember there is nothing in this entire world that your mom loves more than holding you still against her chest even as you grow “too big.” The reminders of bald-headed days where I completely ached to kiss the top are all too strong still.

Keep your arms always around me when you need a place to land. Your physical falls are much less frequent, but falls you still have. Let my arms be your crutch, tell me when you need my shoulders, let me help you through this path.

Keep your arms around me when your school load is too much to carry. Lend me your backpack, ask me for help, let me hold you when the tears fall. Keep your arms always around me when your friends and loves come and go. Know that my arms are always waiting for that.

Keep your arms always around me when you fall asleep waiting for Santa, when you discover the thing you most love doing, when you read a book you have to tell the world about. Run to me when you jump out of a pool and I’m completely dry and wrap those arms around me, even when I say don’t.

Keep your arms always around me when you fall off of your bike or can’t get that song right on the piano. When the snow is falling and you can’t contain your excitement, come running to my arms that can’t contain their excitement either.

When the night won’t end, when you find inspiration, when you just need to sit and laugh or cry or think, keep your arms always around me. When it’s too cold to feel your arms, let me warm them up. When the sun dances on those precious arms for too many hours of the day, let me kiss them and take the sting away.

Keep your arms always around me when you reach and fall short again and again. My arms will hold you and encourage you and remind you that there is love and learning in the failure.

photography by Laurie Wilson

Your arms will grow and that’s ok. Put them around me when you learn to drive or you’re accepted to college, and hold my hand as you talk about falling in love and comfort me in my sadness as you leave your home. And I’ll always do the same.

Keep your arms always around me — maybe it is me who needs it most.


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