It’s Never Too Late


It's Never Too LateSoon after my husband proposed to me in 2015, I stumbled across a print at Hobby Lobby that said “It’s Never Too Late to Live Happily Ever After.” I swiped that print up and we immediately hung it in our home. Even on our wedding day, we brought that print with us and propped it up next to our “altar” on the farm where we got married. It became our mantra as a couple.

I was 35 and my husband was 38 when we got married. Some days I felt we were too late getting to know each other, too late to get married, too late to start a family, etc., but over the years, I’ve learned to ignore the ‘tick-tock’ that sometimes plays in my head. That was an excuse I allowed myself to use when I was faced with stepping out of my comfort zone, but in reality it’s never really too late until you take your last breath here on Earth.

Repeat after me: It’s Never Too Late, It’s Never Too Late…

  1. It’s Never Too Late to Find the Love of Your Life (Don’t settle, girl.)
  2. It’s Never Too Late to Have that Child You’ve Been Dreaming Of. (Do it on your own if you want to, girl.)
  3. It’s Never Too Late to Pursue that New Passion You’ve Discovered. (Passion always overrides fear, girl.)
  4. It’s Never Too Late to Start That New Career You’ve Been Hesitant To Start. (Do what you love, girl.)
  5. It’s Never Too Late to Turn that Hobby Into a Paying Profession. (Be a boss babe, girl.)
  6. It’s Never Too Late to Meet Your New Best Friend. (Be picky, girl.)
  7. It’s Never Too Late to Take That Trip You’ve Been Putting Off For Years. (It’s worth the money, girl.)
  8. It’s Never Too Late to Reignite that Relationship with a Higher Power. (Feed your soul, girl.)
  9. It’s Never Too Late to Get Healthy For Yourself and Your Family. (Find your why, girl.)
  10. It’s Never Too Late to Be the Best Mom You Can Be. (Your kids deserve that, girl.)

And finally, it’s never too late to live HAPPILY EVER FREAKING AFTER. (Now get out there and slay, girl.)


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