Amanda Mallery

Hey, Hey! Amanda here. Wife to KJ and proud mom to my 3 boys: Noah (14), Nash (4), and Banks (6 months). I'm a forever Carolina girl that moved to Knoxville in 2003 and have called it home ever since. When I'm not wrangling children or writing for personal therapy, you'll find me stressing about what's for dinner or compulsively moving things around my house (some call that decorating). I could also be found listening to true crime podcasts or sneaking in new Halloween decor because it's my favorite holiday (give me all the spooky vibes). Motherhood is an adventure; let's go on it together! I hear it's easier that way.

There’s An App for That…And That…And That

I'm a list maker. There are few things I love more than writing to-do lists on light purple legal pads and highlighting the items in yellow once they are completed. Throw in a gel...
The Butterfly Patch

The Butterfly Patch

New territory. Those two words pretty much sum up my parenting experience with our middle son. My first son was what people would call "all boy." Spiderman, superheroes, and sharks were his interests. If...
It's Never Too Late

It’s Never Too Late

Soon after my husband proposed to me in 2015, I stumbled across a print at Hobby Lobby that said "It's Never Too Late to Live Happily Ever After." I swiped that print up and...
Church PTSD: It's A Thing

Church PTSD: It’s A Thing

There's a very high chance that any mom reading this has suffered from some form of PTSD at some point in life. Post traumatic stress disorder is a disorder in which a person has...
Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Are you a Type A mom? Do you have a hard time letting your kids do things on their own? Do you sometimes just watch them and think "I could do that so much...
Nostalgia Is My Middle Name

Nostalgia Is My Middle Name

Yes, you read the title right. No, nostalgia isn't really my middle name (it's Kathryn), but it could be if middle names were based on your soul. I was trying to determine if a...
Infant, Preschooler, and Teenager...OH MY!

Infant, Preschooler, and Teenager…OH MY!

Any mother these days knows that once you begin to have children, you are bound to start hearing remarks like, "It only lasts for a season" and "I'm sure it's just a stage." Those...